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5 Things Worth Noting About Kerry Washington’s Dazzling Town And Country September Cover

5 Things Worth Noting About Kerry Washington’s Dazzling Town And Country September Cover


A-list actress and producer Kerry Washington cover Town & Country’s September issue. September issues are the biggest and most anticipated issues of magazines yearly, and being the cover star is always a big feat. As usual, we’ve digested the entire feature so that you can have it in nice bits! Hollywood celebrities.

For the cover story, Kerry Washington discusses her upcoming film “The Fight,” which is a documentary centered around American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyers’ battles for abortion rights, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, and voting rights.


Being the biggest issue of the year, Kerry Washington has an interesting interview with Town & Country, which she refers to as a labor of love.

“I have such deep reverence for what this country can be,” she said to Town & Country. “I love that this film [The Fight] invites us all into the ‘we’ and to know that we belong here. We have to fight to belong here, but we belong here.” Hollywood celebrities.

Here are five things to know about Kerry Washington’s Town & Country September cover…

#1. She selected the creative team who worked on the cover


In a delicate time when brands and publications are being exposed for not being diverse enough, it’s noteworthy and inspiring that the majority of the team for this Town & Country cover is Black: the photographers, Ahmad Barber and Donte Maurice; the stylist, Law Roach; the designer of the gown, Carly Cushnie; the article author, Sarah Elizabeth Lewis, an associate professor at Harvard among other things; and the hairstylist, Takisha Sturdivant-Drew.

Kerry Washington made sure to use her influence to push Black creatives to the center, and we couldn’t be more proud!

#2. The glamorous pictures from the shoot were directed virtually


Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, the hairstylist, noted on her Instagram that this was her first virtual cover shoot, and Kerry Washington wrote that Takisha and makeup artist Carola Gonzalez guided her through this look on FaceTime. Through this pandemic, it’s been really heart-warming to see black celebrities and black creatives make the most of the situation and create amazing art. Hollywood celebrities. Celebrity gossip.

#3. The cover interview centers not just on Kerry Washington but also on the ACLU lawyers in the documentary


During the interview with Town & Country, Kerry Washington ceded the attention to the casts of the documentary; Brigitte Amiri, Joshua Block, Lee Gelernt, Dale Ho, and Chase Strangio. Sarah Elizabeth Lewis interviews all of them together, and Kerry never cuts in to make it about her, ever. You are unlikely to see a celebrity cover story that works this way.

#4. The ACLU initially turned down the documentary


The ACLU initially turned down the documentary because of the unprecedented access it would offer the public. After test shoots and the lawyers concluded that it was critical to get the stories out and reach a larger public, they gave the go-ahead to shoot the documentary. Hollywood celebrities. Celebrity gossip.

#5. The inspiration for the documentary was the first three words of the United States constitution “We, the people”


Kerry says thinking of the first three words of the Constitution inspires in her an almost romantic admiration and a sense of mission. She said she also knows she or people like her were not included when those first three words were written, but the idea that culture can invite more people into that “we,” that ever-expanding notion of who counts in American society what drives her. Hollywood celebrities. Celebrity gossip.

“I have such deep reverence for what this country can be. I love that this film invites us all into the “we” and to know that we belong here. We have to fight to belong here, but we belong here.”

Read Kerry Washington’s full Town & Country interview here.

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