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SR International: Keke Palmer Talks Motherhood, Mentors, Creating ‘Big Boss,’ And More

SR International: Keke Palmer Talks Motherhood, Mentors, Creating ‘Big Boss,’ And More


Keke Palmer says she first went to therapy when she was 17 and has been unpacking complicated feelings ever since. “Every few years, different layers are peeled off and then you see what else is under the hood and then you peel those off,” says the actress, singer, and host. Keke Palmer Net Worth

Palmer, 29—who reportedly has a net worth of $7.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth—used her latest project, an album and accompanying 45-minute film called “Big Boss,” in the style of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade,” to chronicle some of the life experiences she’s processed in therapy, including her struggles in the male-dominated music industry; trying to become less of a workaholic; and the loneliness that comes with ambition. The film even features re-creations of some of her therapy sessions. It balances these heavy topics with her poppy, upbeat music, and eye-catching costumes.


Palmer, known for playing Emerald Haywood in last year’s Jordan Peele film “Nope” and Akeelah of “Akeelah and the Bee” in 2006, lives with her new baby, Leo, in Los Angeles and New York. In addition to acting, singing, and hosting, she runs her own digital TV network, KeyTV, which she launched last year with a mission to spotlight historically underrepresented creators. Here, she talks favorite rom-coms, what she learned co-hosting the Met Gala’s red carpet in 2021, and a lesson from Jordan Peele.

Here are a few things Keke Palmer revealed to WSJ. Magazine…

On becoming a mother:

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Becoming a mom, she says, has taught her how strong she is. “I can figure out anything,” she says. “The kind of skills you learn to have being a mother— ain’t nothing that big of a deal.”

On what time she wakes up on Mondays, and the first thing she does:

“Now I usually get up every day around 4 or 5 a.m., and the first thing I do is usually breastfeed my son. After that, I do a little pumping, look over my emails, look over my schedule to see how I’m going to manage the day, then go back to sleep if I can get a couple of more hours.” Keke Palmer Net Worth

On her highly personal new project, “Big Boss”

Putting it all together was very therapeutic. I was able to look at myself a little bit more objectively — what I went through and how all those things are a part of what I had to experience in order to grow and learn.

On her mentors:

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“Tons of mentors: Queen Latifah, my mom [Sharon Palmer], obviously. People like Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry. People who have just given me time. I think [mentorship] is not an everyday thing. Over the span of time, you work with someone, or you talk with someone, and they give you a moment, or they allow you to understand how they did something.”

On what she learned when hosting the MET Gala red carpet last year:

“How many people didn’t know what they were doing there. Almost everyone feels the same way that anyone would [who’s] going into a big, overwhelming thing. Who am I sitting next to? What are we going to talk about? Am I allowed to talk? Is it going to be a fun time? It’s really cool to see that everybody is trying to figure out their place or how to exist. Being in the entertainment industry, everybody always thinks those feelings go away when you become a quote, unquote star. But if you are in the room with people who do the same things, then why wouldn’t those same feeling apply? We are all still people trying to exist and trying to figure out how to show up.”

On what she learned from Jordan Peele while filming “Nope.”

“He changed my approach to being in this industry, more than anything—just seeing how he doesn’t put pressure on himself for things to be perfect. He’s continuously perfecting and changing how he thinks about a project. And he’s open to allowing other creatives he’s working with to weigh in. It was really cool to see someone at his level still be such a major collaborator and also be so unafraid to change things.”

On what she does for self-care:

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“Either old reality TV or old scripted TV. I’m currently going between The Bernie Mac Show and Real Chance of Love (the old era of reality TV that all stems from The Surreal Life). It’s also relaxing to go get a massage or take a bath or do yoga or some type of meditation.”

On the best advice she’s ever received:

“Just to keep going. I’ve heard it from Samuel Jackson, from [producer] Ralph Farquhar, from a lot of different people throughout my career. With this industry, it’s a marathon, not a race. You’re not always going to be the most trending, popular person, but keep going and keep working and learning and acquiring new skills. That’s the win—to be able to make this a lasting career.”

On the one role she wants to play next:

I’ve always wanted to be in an action comedy. It’d be so cool to do something with The Rock. Keke Palmer Net Worth


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