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PUMA Announces Partnership With Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose

PUMA Announces Partnership With Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose


PUMA has announced a new partnership with celebrity stylist June Ambrose as a creative director. The 48-year-old mother of two first rose to prominence in the 1990s styling artists like Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, and Sean Combs for their music videos. 

June Ambrose is said to be taking an integrated approach towards working with PUMA, increasing her range and design eyes across categories and age groups that cover young girls and women for the collections she will be working on in 2021 and beyond.

The celebrity stylist’s partnership with PUMA came to be as a result of her business relationship with entrepreneur Jay-Z, who happens to be the creative director of PUMA Hoops since 2018.

Photo: PUMA

“Jay (Jay-Z), Emory Jones, and I have had many conversations about style, sport, purpose, and legacy,” said June Ambrose.

“From these conversations, Jay then introduced me to Bjørn Gulden (PUMA CEO) and Adam Petrick (PUMA’s Global Director of Brand and Marketing). Adam and I talked about our visions and my impact on the culture at large, and it was from these interactions that I knew a collaboration with PUMA would be beautiful and transcend far beyond the product.”

June Ambrose’s role as a creative director and partner calls attention to PUMA’s long-standing goal of creating premium fashion items that merge style with performance and accessibility.

Photo: PUMA

June Ambrose will be involved in a number of projects and collections with PUMA throughout 2021 including, but not limited to, an exciting exclusive for PUMA Hoops and a Title Nine collection inspired by June’s passion to celebrate bold, fearless women everywhere who rise above and go the distance no matter how big the challenge might be, while also being stylishly fit.

“I want my work with PUMA to drive a dialogue around Title Nine and equality. To have the opportunity to do this by launching a collection for an underserved division, for women’s basketball, is incredible,” said Ambrose. “I want athletes and all women to feel fearless and inspired when they wear the pieces that I’ve designed. I want to create a space where young girls and women feel empowered on and off the court.”

Through this partnership with June Ambrose, PUMA aims to use its platform for social impact, empowering youth, and pushing for equality in sport.


Photo credit: Instagram | PUMA 

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