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Is The Cutout Trend Still On-Season In 2023?

Is The Cutout Trend Still On-Season In 2023?



ashion is a constantly evolving entity, always adapting to the changing times and trends. One trend that has had a lasting impact in recent years is the cutout trend. From cutout dresses to tops, this trend has become a wardrobe staple for lots of style enthusiasts. Seeing we’ve settled into 2023, it’s safe to know what works and the trends we should kick to the curb. Is the cutout trend still cutting above the rest in 2023?

Cut-out pieces have been around for several years and continue to grow in popularity. However, like all fashion trends, its hipness can fluctuate which is why it’s important to know how the fashion waves are sweeping with regard to this trend in 2023.

A little throwback

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Cutout clothing is a relatively new fashion trend that picked popularity in the 2010s. It describes clothing items with purposeful cutout designs or openings. It is said to have its roots in swimwear when designers added cut-outs to swimsuits to give them a more stylish and distinctive appearance. From there, the style moved on to other garments, including dresses, tops, and even sporting wear.

Cutout clothes strategically have cutouts in places like the belly, back, or sides, which can give an outfit a sexier feel while still retaining coverage in other places. Both high fashion designers and fast fashion merchants have embraced the trend which has been spotted on numerous red carpets, fashion runways, and high fashion streets.

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Of course, this trend is not without controversy, even though it can be considered a daring and striking fashion statement. For instance, cutouts in specific places may be excessively overt and improper, according to some, while others view them as a source of empowerment and self-expression. Despite these divergent viewpoints, the trend is still a preferred choice for individuals trying to make a fashion statement. So, how can you rock the cutout trend in 2023?

Check out 5 fail-proof ways to stay on top of the cutout trend like a pro this year…

#1. Dresses

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A chic dress is always a classic choice. For a bit of sass, the cutout features can elevate the look to a whole new level. Whether it’s a simple splice on the back or a daring one on the side, a skimpy cutout dress is a breakneck remedy your style yearns for.

Maxi cutout dresses are ideal for events where you choose to throw in some drama. Be fancy with a peek-a-boo on the neckline or sides. This is a statement piece that will make you feel stylish and confident.

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#2. Tops

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For a fun night out, cutout crop tops are a popular choice. A crop top paired with sleek pants will give the outfit an edgy spin, making it ideal for a great night of fun. Additionally, cutout sweaters can give your chilly-weather fashion a snappy makeover. Even on the coziest of days, opt for cutout elements on the sweater’s collar, sleeves, or back. A cutaway sweater works for your all-season wardrobe, whether it’s a thick sweater with cutout details or a lightweight sweater with a cutout neckline.

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#3. Bottoms

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As if the low-rise pants weren’t enough drama, we’re seeing pelvic cutouts. These designers were in their bags when they got the inspiration for these keyhole bottoms. They often show up with laced holes that bring the heat. If you’re in your sultry girl era, pair it with a matching spliced top. Totally unrelated, but the jumpsuit options are equally hot takes. For a semi-formal setting, keep the holes subtle and the drapes coming.

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#4. Swimwear

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There’s no dilly-dallying with the cutout trend if you’re not leaning into the swimsuit renderings. The one-piece swimsuits are the beach-goers’ favorites. We’ve seen cutouts on the sides, back, or front of the swimsuit all over our TLs. Cutout bikinis and monokinis are also a hot catch right now, and the perfect beach buddies to line up ASAP.

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#5. Accessories

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I love me some cutout pumps. They add a flair to your footwear assemblage. With this trend, you’ll definitely be saying goodbye to boring shoes. They are reminiscent of splices on the sides, rear, and/or front. And let’s not forget belts, purses, and clutches with cutouts that give the trend a good name. They are a versatile complement to any wardrobe, whether it’s a clutch for a night out or a shoulder bag for daywear.

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The cutout trend isn’t a “what to wear to your in-laws” option, but they swear to keep your partner’s eyes rummaging over your form. Plus, they add a touch of sophistication and sass. The cutout party continues and isn’t soft-pedaling in the near future.

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