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7 Hot Spring Color Trends Dominating 2023 Fashion

7 Hot Spring Color Trends Dominating 2023 Fashion



s the seasons change, new colors dominate clothing, accessories, and even interior design. Except for the all-season favorites, a few take a bow, pass the baton, and usher in the new colors that resonate with the current season. Often, color trends are determined by experts who study people’s recurring preferences, world events, and new arrivals on the scene.

Therefore, trendy colors are a fun and changing part of fashion and design, showing us what’s new and exciting for the upcoming seasons. This spring, the trending colors come in a wide range, from soft shades to bold and fiery tints. We are equally open to traditional spring colors and hues that have defied seasons’ streamlining.

The following 2023 spring color trends are fiercely dominating…

#1. Hot pink

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Hot pink has every style girl matching colors and color blocking. They’re bold and feminine. It is an unapologetic color that tends to call attention to itself, hence a good choice as a statement piece or to spruce up neutral outfits. Hot pink looks good on all skin tones and can be worn by people of all ages. Designers are experimenting with hot pink in different ways, from suits to sunglasses. Little wonder why pink is a sought-after color for spring 2023.

When working with other colors, there are some things to keep in mind. Black creates a striking contrast. White is fresh and creates a summery casual outfit. Navy blue is more subdued and professional. On the other hand, gold is glamorous for a night out, and turquoise is bright and colorful for a fun day.

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#2. Cobalt blue

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For spring, cobalt blue looks great when paired with bright and bold colors, such as pink or yellow, for a fun and playful look. The bold color craze is a psychological way to use colors as a mood-boosting technique. Therefore, no spring color trends list is complete without this shade of blue.

For a casual look, cobalt blue can be paired with denim or shorts, creating a relaxed and stylish outfit. It can also be paired with khaki or beige to give off an earthy and natural vibe. Create a formal outfit by styling cobalt blue with a black suit or dressy pants. It also makes magic with white for a crisp and clean result.

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#3. Black

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An unusual spring hue, but in recent spring/summer collections, black has been a predominant feature. The classic color that never goes out of style in the fashion industry. It is timeless and manages to stay perfect for all occasions. There’s no missing-the-mark with a black-colored inclusion to your ensemble.

For a comfy look, black biker shorts and oversize t-shirts do it. On a minimal spree, opt for understated hues like grey. A black suit should be on speed dial for the upbeat work day. Black is also great for layering, as it can be worn as a base color and then paired with other colors and patterns. For example, black can be worn with a brightly colored jacket or sweater, or with a patterned scarf or shirt to add some interest. Finally, it’s important to note that black and metallic accessories like gold or silver jewelry are soulmates.

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#4. Green

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From deep emerald greens to bright and vibrant options, the land is green; can’t you see? Big fashion shots like LaQuan Smith and Bottega Veneta have shades of green sprinkled on their designs. Merge with neutrals such as white, beige, and black for a fine finish. Whereas, earthy tones of brown and tan give green a pop. For a bolder look, green can also be styled with contrasting colors like pink or purple. All these combos will definitely generate striking and eye-catching getups.

When it comes to patterns, green has a love story with florals, animal prints, and stripes. Plus, it’s popular on the list of summer and spring color trends because it evokes feelings of nature and growth. This hue no doubt adds a touch of freshness and vitality to any outfit. Green is also a prominent color spotted in jewelry, handbags, and shoes if you want an accentuation to an understated outfit.

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#5. Orange

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Warmth and sunshine characterize the effects orange bestows. Set yourself up for a tint lift with soft and muted peachy tones, or go for an energetic and vibrant flair with bold and bright neon orange renditions—these are a few of my favorite combos. White, beige, or black can tone down the color slam. You can also choose to enlist in the “go big or go bold” army and style with blue or purple.

Style solid or patterned orange textures with polka dots and forge a blast. It is also a conventional color for athletic and activewear due to its mood-boosting ability. If you’re not buddies with vivid hues, dip your toes in with orange accents. For example, throw in an orange scarf, handbag, or shoes for a dash of color.

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#6. Brown

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Lately, light tan and deep chocolate have been throwing their weight onto the fashion scenes. The neutral shade marries with white or black to make classic magic. The options are not limited to the above, merge with brighter hues like pink, yellow, or green for a neat contrast. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the flavorful spring color trends to pair with other earth-related tones such as olive green and beige. This combo puts together a cohesive and natural color scheme.

You can intensify your wild side with leopard, tiger, and zebra prints. Also, think plaid or checked pattern for a rustic and traditional tinge. It’s earthy season and brown understands the assignment.


#7. Lavender

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As the weather gets warmer and the flowers start to bloom, lavender and some shades of purple are popular choices for spring fashion. Lavender’s free-spirited energy makes it apt for any spring closet. It can be paired with soft colors like blush and light beige. Depending on your mood, merge with brighter colors, such as yellow or coral.

Textures like cotton, linen, or silk boost lavender’s resume. Whether as a stand-alone red carpet dress like Jodie Turner-Smith’s Bafta 2023 look, or a skirt paired with a denim jacket or a cardigan for a casual getup, the hue comes correct every time.


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