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8 Solid Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go Without Underwear

8 Solid Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go Without Underwear


Now, let’s talk about what’s underneath. From the moment you were able to dress up on your own, you were taught to wear undergarments regardless of your gender. As a matter of fact, underwear was probably the first item of clothing many of us learned to put on as kids. Fast forward to our adult years and they are still an important part of our ensemble.  Importance Of Wearing Underwear

While shopping for underwear may be the very first thing many of us remember buying in terms of fashion, it’s quite startling that we don’t buy them as much now we’re grown. No jokes, nowadays, it has somehow become a trend to disregard wearing undergarments. Of course, the argument is that out of sight is out of mind, but should you really ignore your underwear?

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Older generations may find it absurd when you talk about not wearing underwear. However, modern fashion and generation make it seem like something that you can choose to do. People nowadays are becoming fans of going commando even at formal gatherings or occasions. But, is it really something that you should consider doing?

Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t underrate the importance of underwear…

Let us help you understand better why you should never ignore the importance of wearing your undergarments. You may not get instant gratification when wearing them, unlike with your shoes and clothes, but it’s actually more for you than for everybody else. Let’s begin.

#1. It protects your body parts

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One of the main reasons why you should not underrate your underwear is that it protects your body parts. For instance, instead of not wearing anything with your Venus-cut gown, it’s best to wear strapless bras to ensure that your breasts have an extra layer of protection. You’ll never know what will happen during those events, so it’s best to be extra careful.

#2. It boosts your confidence

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Not wearing anything underneath may make you worry about a lot of things. For example, if you are not wearing panties, you may worry about opening your legs too much when stepping out of the car, especially if you’re wearing a skirt or dress. You may also be very careful about hugging friends if you’re not wearing a bra. However, with your underwear on, you can be more confident in your movement and hanging out with other people. Thus, offering you freedom of movement. 

#3. It’s a perfect form of self-care

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Wearing underwear is a step toward taking care of yourself. As mentioned above, it’s another layer of protection for your private areas to ensure that they will not be exposed to any harmful elements. This is particularly true for women. Not wearing panties will expose your private area to a lot of potential infections throughout the day. Yup, even if you are wearing pants, you’re not exempted from the downside.  Importance Of Wearing Underwear

#4. It keeps your clothes clean

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Underwear makes sure that your clothes are not instantly stained with sweat, your period, or anything else. Imagine this: you’re attending a gala in your favorite dress and Miss Red suddenly shows up, staining your outfit. While we can argue that she’ll make the stain whether or not you had your underwear on, we can all agree that good panties can buy you a bit of time before your dress goes all red as opposed to being sans panties. 

#5. It makes you feel comfortable

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Wearing underwear can certainly make you feel more comfortable. Simply because your private area is not directly touching the fabric of your clothing. Let’s face it, there are times when you are not wearing a smooth fabric and it gets a little itchy as time goes by. Now, imagine not wearing a bra (or panties) while in them. Aside from the fact that it can cause skin rashes, it can also be very uncomfortable the entire day.

#6. It keeps you healthy

Needless to say, wearing underwear keeps you healthy. It will not only protect your body parts and make you feel comfortable, but it’s also a form of having a healthier private area. Men who don’t wear briefs are more prone to scrotum diseases. While women who don’t wear panties can be exposed to a lot of things. With underwear, you can be healthy and pretty at the same time.

#7. It makes your outfit look better

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Have you tried wearing your top without a bra? Regardless of whether you have full breasts or not, you will somehow notice that the tank top doesn’t look the same without a bra. Wearing one can make any outfit look better on you. Even if you are only wearing a simple white t-shirt, a bra can make a lot of difference. This goes for your dresses as well.

#8. It’s fashionable, of course

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One of the most important things about wearing underwear is the joy of searching for the best one. Sure, people don’t see it, but it will somehow make you feel a lot sexier knowing that you are wearing something stylish inside. It is one of the reasons why Victoria’s Secret What Women Want is popular in all countries. They put the glamour in.

Wear that undergarment!

So, now you’ll agree that the often overlooked undergarment is still an important part of dressing up. Whether it’s a sleeveless dress that demands a strapless bra or good panties with your favorite jeans, stocking up on underwear can put the pump in your slay. We loved them as kids, there’s no reason we should abandon them now.  Importance Of Wearing Underwear

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