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How To Know Your Correct Bra Size

How To Know Your Correct Bra Size



bra is probably one of the most underestimated pieces of clothing. Maybe it’s because they sit ever so loyally under our clothes that we almost pay them no attention. However, the truth of the matter remains that with the right sizing bra, your clothes not only fit better but you also feel more confident. Simply put, the correct bra size does wonders almost like magic. 

For some reason, a lot of ladies find it tasking to know their correct bra size, and consequently, they just wing it. It’s as though they stroll into a lingerie store and proceed to pick any bra that catches their eyes. If you fall into this category, don’t feel embarrassed. You’re the reason for this article and after reading it, you’ll surely know how to select your correct bra size. 

Are you wearing a wrong-sized bra?

Photo: Sora Shimazaki | Pexels

Here are some quick ways to know if your bra isn’t right for you, that is size-wise:

  • If your bra underwire keeps poking you
  • If your bra visibly folds
  • If you always have to find a private place to tuck your boobs back into the cups
  • If your bra straps keep falling

How would you know you’ve found your correct bra size?

Just like finding your soulmate, a perfectly sized bra will fit right. It’ll feel almost like it’s not even there as it supports you unapologetically all through the day. Whether a soulmate, career, or a bra, the right fit is non-negotiable. Just so you know. 

Check out the surest ways to know your correct bra size…

1. Know your band and cup size

Photo: Andres Ayrton | Pexels

This is where many ladies get trapped. Because how the heck do you wear a B and C cup and they both sit perfectly? Well, that’s because cup size isn’t the only factor that determines fit. The band is as important as the cup. In order to figure this out, it’s usually advisable to visit the lingerie store for a professional bra fitting but notwithstanding, you can DIY with tape at home. Ever wondered what the letters and numbers on bras are? The numbers stand for the band size while the letters are for the cup size.

To measure at home, you’ll need two measurements: around your back and under your bust for your band size, and around your back over your nipples for your cup size. You’ll then subtract the difference. For example, if your bust (over nipples) measures 35 inches and your under-bust (or rib cage) 32 inches, you’ll be a 32C because 35 minus 32 equals 3, and that number corresponds to the letter “C” in the alphabet.

2. Try it on

Photo: Castorly Stock | Pexels

It’s one thing to calculate your correct bra size theoretically and another to be practical about it. Once you know your size, bend forward and try it on for some fit. The back and front band should be at par. Tip: If you can’t fit a finger underneath the band then it’s too tight and if you can fit more than a finger underneath the band then it’s too loose. Also, make the necessary strap and band adjustments to fit then wear a fitted top. If your boobs bulge or the bra has a gather (no matter how little), then it’s not your correct bra size. Your breasts should sit comfortably in the bra.

Bonus tip:

  • Bras loosen over time, just keep tightening the hook and strap to fit.
  • Discard once it’s become too slack or tight to be adjusted.

Sometimes push-up bras are a booby trap. They promise tenderness and sexiness but in the end, they are just a mere pain in the boob, and we’re not supposed to complain. Wearing your correct bra size will remain the best approach ever.

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