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8 Ways To Tell If Your Underwear Has Reached Its Expiration Date

8 Ways To Tell If Your Underwear Has Reached Its Expiration Date


You know that particular underwear that’s basic comfort to you. When you wear it, it feels like you’re embracing an old friend, and abandoning it for a prolonged period feels like cheating. But now you’ve worn it for so long that it’s totally unrecognizable from when you first got it.

Did you know that underwear has an expiration date, even your beloved favorites? Wait, what?! I can see you going to check your underwear for a ‘best before date’. Well, not that kind of expiration. But you don’t need a date printed on your panties and bra to know when they have served their purpose and need to be discarded. 

Fun fact: Dr Philip M Tierno, a professor of microbiology and pathology at the New York University School of Medicine, found that “there’s about one-tenth of a gram of poop in the average pair of ‘clean’ underwear.” So, the first reason you should throw that underwear away is to reduce the risk of bacterial infection. If the underwear has been with you for three years, think of all the little germs living there. Gosh!

So then, how do you know your underwear has reached its expiration date seeing that there’s no date on the label? For bras, no matter how well you keep them, they still need to be replaced somewhere between 8-12 months.

Check out 8 ways to know that your underwear has reached its expiration date…

#1. Its stitches have become loose


If your underwear now has loose stitches here and there that threaten to give way with every pull, then it’s time to replace it. No more excuse that it’s hidden under your clothes so no one will see it. Let it go, baby!

#2. The color has faded

Photo: FLY:D/Unsplash

So, your white underwear is now off-white? Faded color is another glaring sign that your underwear has reached its expiration date. You don’t want to risk showing up in your favorite low-waist jeans only for your “off-white” panties to steal the show from your slay.

#3. When it’s stretched out or too tight

Photo: Andreea Popa/Unsplash

When your panties have become too stretched and/or tight, that’s a signal that you need to upgrade to another. What’s more, too-tight pants can cut off blood circulation around that area and also give you the dreaded muffin top. Certainly, that’s not what you want from your underwear.

#4. When there’re holes or stains

You’ve noticed that your underwear has developed some holes or stains that just wouldn’t go. Rather than get rid of it, you persist in wearing it, after all, it’s hidden under your clothes. That’s a bad idea girl. Do the needful and let it go.

#5. When it’s always visible under clothes 

Photo: Pavel Danilyuk | Pexels

We all know how embarrassing this can be both for men and women. It’s as though the underwear seeks every moment to announce its presence. Well, that’s an obvious sign of expiration. However, it’s true that some pant styles hide panty lines better than others, also clothing like jeans and thicker fabrics do a great job of hiding panty lines. When next you think about how often you should buy new underwear and finally decide to go shopping, add a G-string to your cart. They are masters at hiding.

#6. When they make you feel uncomfortable

Photo: Jacob Prose | Pexels

Okay, now your favorite underwear is beginning to make you feel uncomfortable. So why are you still holding on even when it’s telling you to let go? There are so many underwear options out there to be wearing something that’s not comfortable for you.

#7. When it becomes [unintentionally] sheer

Photo: Мария | Pexels

Unless it is sheer lingerie, it has no business being see-through. Muster up the much-needed courage and consider replacing it with something newer and better.  If you are still wondering how often you should buy new underwear, there’s no better time than now.

#8. When the elastic is falling apart or it has become too stiff

Do you really need to use a pin to hold up your underwear, or tie it in a knot? FGS girl, underwear is relatively affordable so there’s no need to become a seamstress overnight for the sake of one.  At the end of the day, hygiene should come first before that seeming comfort.

Featured image: PeopleImages/iStock

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