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How To Prevent And Treat Underarm Rash

How To Prevent And Treat Underarm Rash


Beyond the fact that underarm rash can be such an eye sore, it is also very discomforting. Imagine having to slightly raise your hands on every occasion because the pain and discomfort caused by an annoying rash don’t seem to stop. Whether or not you know the cause of that underarm rash, it’s important to know how to treat it and prevent it from happening again.

So, how do you get rid of an underarm rash? Luckily for you, we’ll be covering that in this article. But before we get into all that, it’s worth mentioning that the armpits are most prone to rashes as opposed to other parts of your body. This is because the skin there is super sensitive and requires deliberate care.

What are the causes of underarm rash?

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Of course, the principle of cause and effect also applies to rashes. While a wide variety of factors can contribute to the development of rashes in your armpits, there are four major causes that can be held responsible most of the time. These are:

  • Shaving
  • Unhygienic lifestyle
  • Hot weather
  • Skin conditions

Now that this has been established, let us explore the ways you can prevent and treat an underarm rash.


By practicing a hygienic lifestyle, you are very unlikely to develop underarm rashes. This is because good hygiene defeats the bacteria and viruses that cause rashes. Good hygiene is by far the most important way to prevent armpit rashes. This entails a regular shower and using deodorants.

When it comes to deodorants, you may need to be extra observant as some deodorants and body sprays may contain chemicals your skin may react to. There’s no hard and fast rule to this, but once you notice a rash beginning to develop, discontinue product use immediately.  Other than deodorants, skincare products may also trigger the formation of rashes.

In addition to the above, tight clothing made of synthetic material can have been linked to the cause of underarm rashes. This is because sweat can’t escape from the armpit, consequently, the waste–which is sweat– your body tried so hard to get rid of still sticks closely to it. Rather, wear clothing made of materials like cotton which your skin can breathe in. This way, sweat doesn’t pool on your sensitive armpit skin.

In some other cases, your underarm rash could be a heat rash. That is rash that develops as a result of hot weather. To prevent this, use talcum powder in your armpit when your weather is hot and wet to stop a heat rash from occurring. In addition, during the hot weather, stay in cool, air-conditioned places.

Check out some ways you can treat underarm rash…

#1. Aloe vera

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There’s no doubt that aloe vera is one of the most potent miracle plants available to us. They work wonders on the hair, teeth, skin, etc. Many skin conditions can be treated with aloe vera, including armpit rashes. Why does it work so well? According to the medical publication Healthline, “the fatty acids and enzymes in aloe vera may have the ability to reduce inflammation when applied topically to the skin. The amino acids in aloe vera, including salicylic acid, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that may help heal and reduce acne and minor skin wounds.”

#2. Lemon

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Lemon is another great way to treat armpit rashes. Slice a lemon open and rub across your armpit. This may sting a little, especially if scratching the rashes has opened up a wound, but it’s effective. The citric acid in the lemon can kill bacteria in your armpit. Plus, this lemon method also makes for a good DIY deodorant. Win-win.

#3. Seek out the cause of the underarm rash

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As mentioned above, if the rash occurred by reason of an irritant, find out the irritant and discontinue use. This is a sure way to stop the irritation right on its track.

#4. Over-the-counter medication

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There are topical creams sold at pharmacies that could help soothe and/or get rid of the rash. Hydrocortisone creams, antifungal creams, and calamine lotions are helpful depending on the cause.

#5. Moisturize

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Apply glycerol-based moisturizer to reduce scaly skin. This would also reduce the itchiness. Instead of scratching your armpits and causing further irritation, just tap mildly. Always remember to wear loose-fitting clothes to enable your underarms to stay dry.

#6. Consume more Vitamin C

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Vitamin C helps to fight off infection and boosts the immune system. If the cause of the rash is an infection, eating foods high in Vitamin C like oranges and broccoli would be beneficial.

#7. Use essential oils to soothe underarm rash

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Lavender, tea tree, and coconut oil are great for killing the bacteria and fungi responsible for underarm rash. Whenever you notice armpit rashes begin to develop, stock up on these essential oils to tackle the issues and soothe your skin.

Underarm rash hardly goes away on its own. On the contrary, they could get worse if left untreated. Tackle it early and get your peace of mind and composure back.
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