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Here’s What Your Jewelry Organization Style Says About Your Personality

Here’s What Your Jewelry Organization Style Says About Your Personality


Let’s be honest, it can be a bit hard to keep jewelry organized. Think about the countless necklaces in your collection that are always in a knotted mess, or earrings that are perpetually separated from their hooks. Oh, don’t forget that valuable ring grandma passed on to you that you feel guilty about getting rid of. So much piled up and you just don’t know what to do with all that, right? Certainly, now’s the best time to learn to organize your jewelry before it all gets out of hand.

Let’s talk decluttering your jewelry space

If you’re anything like the average busy woman, your jewelry box, closet, or drawer is a cluttered mess. Fortunately, with a little time and patience, you can declutter, edit, and stylishly organize your jewelry collection. The goal is to keep pieces you will actually wear and put away the abandoned, space consumers.

How to easily declutter your jewelry

The first step to a well-organized jewelry collection is to declutter. By declutter, I mean sorting out every jewelry in your collection based on what you intend to do with them.

  • Begin by laying out all your baubles on a flat surface.
  • Next, you will need to sort the collection into Keep, Donate/Give-away, Sell, or Trash piles.
  • For the jewelry you intend to keep, make sure you fix any broken clasps and polish dull pieces.
  • Repeat this exercise every couple of months to keep your jewelry collection properly organized.

Now the fun part: Storing everything. We all have different natural organizing styles [or a combination of two or more] depending on our personality. Here are seven ideas to help you organize your jewelry according to your style and personality.

7 ideas to help you organize your jewelry according to your style…

#1. What people say about you: Glam Girl!

How to Organize Your Jewelry In 7 Chic Ways According To Your Style

Objects that are aesthetically pleasing and useful at the same time are your jam. You are very visual and love to display your things in a stylish yet functional way.

Organizing solution: Think glass shadow boxes with gold accents. Clear jewelry boxes keep contents visible and organized while adding a sparkle to your space. Grouping pieces by color can really amp up the visual appeal.

#2. What people say about you: Fashion Forward

Photo: @ ellemaeblog | Instagram 

You make an entrance whenever you walk into a room. Your jewelry pieces are the envy of many and the talk of the town.

Organizing solution: Show off your jewelry on shelves, boutique-style – nothing else will do. Use decorative trays for your rings, clear display boxes for your bangles, and drape your necklaces over a decorative item. 

#3. What people say about you: Meticulous

Your motto is ‘clear surface, clear mind’ and you prefer things put away, out of sight.

Organizing solution: a drawer and stackable jewelry organizers. Storing your pieces in a drawer with compartments keep them hidden from view, however, you are still able to see all your pieces at one glance. Stay organized by grouping similar items together by metal, type of jewelry, and style. 

#4. What people say about you: Free-spirit

Photo: Mre | Pexels

You believe in using what you already own – no need to go out and buy new storage solutions. You prefer to drape your statement jewelry pieces over a decorative item.

Organizing solution: Any décor piece can be used to display and hang jewelry. Hang pieces in a way that speaks to you by color, length, or type of jewelry. Storing jewelry can be art too! 

#5. What people say about you: Life of the party

Photo: solod_sha | Pexels

You are effortlessly tidy which means you generally prefer simple ways to stay organized. Quick and easy solutions to keep things in their place work perfectly for you – which frees up time to go have fun with friends.

Organizing solution: Decorative trays to keep everything in. To stay organized, use several trays to group rings, earrings, and bracelets. 

#6. What people say about you: Practical

How to Organize Your Jewelry In 7 Chic Ways According To Your Style

You prefer flats to heels and studs to hoops – anything that makes it easy to get up and go. You believe in repurposing items to cut down on waste.

Organizing solution: An ice cube tray or muffin tray are clever jewelry storage solutions you can find around your home. 

#7. What people say about you: DIY Queen

How to Organize Your Jewelry In 7 Chic Ways According To Your Style

You own more than one glue gun and every color of spray paint. There is no DIY hack too daunting for you – you are creative and come up with new craft projects every day.

Organizing solution: Jewelry holder made from an old picture frame for your earrings. And while you are at it, why not repurpose a wooden hanger (tip: add hooks) to organize your necklaces? 

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