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This Is Exactly How To Grow Back Your Eyebrows

This Is Exactly How To Grow Back Your Eyebrows



e all admire the bold, beautiful brows sported by celebrities on the red carpet. Full yet groomed, it’s a look many attempt to pull off but few perfect. Little do we know the delicate art and care behind those face-framing arches. Natural yet striking brows don’t just happen overnight. It takes diligence to grow thicker eyebrows, regrow sparse areas, and achieve an envy-worthy shape. So how do you do it?

If you’re on the lackluster brows team, don’t lose hope. With some simple tips, you can nurse your arches back to their blooming state. In this guide, we’ll explore seven methods to get your brows growing thicker and healthier. Soon you’ll be out here channeling Cara Delevingne, Zendaya, or any other style girl famous for her rich brows.

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Check out 7 proven methods to grow thicker eyebrows…

#1. Stop plucking/waxing

First things first, give those tweezers a rest! Overplucking is usually the culprit behind lackluster brows. Each hair you pluck rips the entire follicle, forcing hairs to regrow from scratch. For quick regrowth, avoid plucking or waxing for 8 weeks minimum. Resist the urge to “shape up” sparse sections and allow hairs their full growth cycle uninterrupted. Once your arches regain density, you can resume light grooming.

#2. Avoid hair growth inhibitors

Certain skincare ingredients like retinoids and Alpha Hydroxy Acids slow hair regrowth. While fabulous for smoothing skin, they can hinder your brow goals. Check your products for retinol, adapalene, glycolic acid, or similar actives, and set them aside during your brow growing season. Stick to gentle cleansers and natural moisturizers until brows bounce back.

#3. Hydrate inside and out

Healthy hair depends on internal hydration and nutrition. Drink at least 64 oz water daily, and include hair-loving vitamins like biotin, zinc, iron, and protein in your diet. Also, apply a nourishing brow oil or serum morning and night to condition follicles externally. Look for peptides, amino acids, castor oil, and aloe vera in the formula as they provide fantastic results. This inside-outside moisture approach helps strands grow thicker and faster.


#4. Use a clear brow gel

A clear brow gel shapes unruly hairs into place, while still allowing them their freedom to reach maximum length. Brush upward and outward once daily, and watch them grow before your eyes. To grow thicker eyebrows, avoid heavier tinted gels or waxes that stick strands together and may pull some out prematurely when removed. The clear varieties boast all the grooming perks without potential breakage issues.

#5. Work with your natural shape

Respect your natural brow shape instead of over-tweezing in pursuit of trends. The classic advice is that your arches should begin in line with the inner corner of your nose, peak just above the pupil, with the tail end at the outer edge of your eye. While a useful guide, your genetic shape may differ, so let natural growth frame your features harmoniously. Any patchiness can be filled in lightly with a pencil once they regain density.


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#6. Quench brow skin with oils

The skin beneath the brow hairs plays an important role. Keep this area hydrated with facial oil applied along the bony brow ridges. Dry skin can hinder follicle growth and make grooming tricky. Luxurious antioxidants, ceramide, and peptide-infused oils replenish aging skin in this delicate zone, while also benefiting hair.

#7. Get regular grooming

Once your arches have sufficiently grown in, establish a brow grooming ritual every 5-7 days. Use a spoolie wand or old mascara brush to brush them neatly upward and at their natural angle. Apply your nourishing oil or serum cocktail afterward – almost like a conditioning mask for your lush locks. Tweeze only the truly unruly hairs outside the main shape. Repeat weekly to maintain their natural yet enviable look.

There you have it: the seven tips and tricks to achieve effortlessly full brows of the stars right from your bathroom. With some diligent TLC for those follicles and the skin below them, you’ll regain a beautiful, natural shape to frame your features. Please note that you must be patient with sparse sections as hairs slowly regenerate. But stay committed to nourishing and embracing your unique arch architecture. Soon you’ll grow thicker eyebrows worthy of your approval.

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