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Protest Safely: How To Dress For A Protest

Protest Safely: How To Dress For A Protest

This year feels like it’s been centuries already, from being locked up at home to dealing with anxiety from the pandemic and now revolutionary protests worldwide following the death of George Floyd from police brutality in the USA.

Racism and police brutality is however not limited to the US. It is another global pandemic that has lasted for far too long. Over in Nigeria, the case of young ladies like Uwa and Tina who were raped these past week highlights another kind of pandemic: sexual assault and violence against women. What to wear for a protest.

While police brutality especially towards people of color might not be relatable to some, it is an everyday reality to many and definitely rape is that inhuman catastrophe every normal person can agree shouldn’t be happening.

Back to the United States, the protests that have been birthed recently are obviously borne out of people being fed up with generations of police brutality––you may call it the last straw. As many people are protesting, many are also asking valid questions like “won’t these protests defy social distancing and lead to further spread the coronavirus?” “How best can we protest safely seeing there have been cases of violence by both the protesters and police?” While these are legit causes for concern, it shouldn’t deter you from participating in the protests as they are a necessary step for change to occur.

Another important question many ask is: “what should I wear for a protest?” Well, that’s where we come in. If you’ve decided to join the protests, there are strategic ways to dress to stay safe from key concerns like contracting COVID-19, other forms of contamination, and dehydration.

Protest safely with these key fashion pieces…

#1. Face masks What to wear for a protest.

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We’re getting accustomed to wearing face masks already and they’re a part of our everyday wear right now. When protesting, ensure that you properly protect your respiratory system by wearing approved personal protective equipment like an N95 face mask. An N95 mask protects you from liquid and airborne particles.

#2. Comfortable shoes

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This is not the time to show off your shoe collection. When going for a protest anything can happen. There might most likely be a need to run and definitely stand for a long period of time. Comfortable shoes are a must when attending a protest.

#3. Gear up your eyes

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Gas masks or even sun shades come in handy at a protest as they protect the eyes from tear gas and other vapor or liquid substances that could be flying around.

#4. Cover up

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Don’t be tempted to dress skimpily because you think it might get hot from all the activities and the crowd. Depending on the weather, put on clothes that’ll protect your skin from harsh chemicals and the sun. If the temperature is warm, wear long sleeve tops and lengthy bottoms in lightweight fabrics and heavier fabrics if the weather is cold. The truth is, anything can happen at a protest. What to wear for a protest.

#5. Extra clothes

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In a protest, expect the unexpected and prepare accordingly. Put extra clothes in a plastic bag in case the ones you’re putting on gets contaminated, stained, torn, or damaged.

Bonus tips:

  • Sunscreen
    • Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn, wrinkles, and dark spots. No taking chances, you need to stay fly for when the battle is over.
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  • Have enough water in a water bottle to avoid dehydration.
  • Soak a handkerchief in lemon and use it to cover your nose in a situation where tear gas is sprayed during the protest.

Lending your voice for a revolutionary cause such as this is the real deal and choosing to leave your comfort zone to protest in order for justice to be served is definitely worthy of emulation. We believe these protests would be impactful for the safety and freedom of generations of African-descants to come.

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