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How To Go From Messy Fridge to Insta-worthy #FridgeGoals

How To Go From Messy Fridge to Insta-worthy #FridgeGoals


As you read this, close your eyes and picture your fridge. Are you at this very moment cringing at the cluttered image in your mind? Or, when you have guests over, do you try to distract them while you open your fridge to get something out because, well, you are embarrassed by its state? Yes, I hear you say? Then this 30-minute project to organize your fridge is just right for you.

Meet Mo, your decluttering guru on how to clean refrigerator

That’s where I come in. Hi Style Ravens, I am Mo, a Professional Organizer who is very much a global nomad. I currently live in Ghana with my husband and two beautiful daughters. When I am not decluttering a closet or pantry, you’ll find me listening to NPR podcasts in my spare time. I’ll be sharing organization and interior styling tips to help elevate your home and workplace. Trust me, with me on your case, you’ll never have a cluttered space again. Now, let’s get back to business. How to clean your refrigerator.

Benefits of organizing your fridge

The benefits of a clean, organized fridge are a no brainer: less waste because you can easily see exactly what you have in there and more motivation to meal prep while keeping things in tip-top organizing shape. And not to mention the satisfaction of taking insta photos of your fridge and tagging #fridgegoals. Your followers will think you are the most organized person. Ever. How cool is that (pun intended)?

Now set a timer, put on some music or a podcast, and let’s get to work!

How to organize your fridge that looks exactly like your Pinterest pins…

#1. Empty out all contents

Source: Simply Self Storage

Depending on your preference, you can empty out the contents all at once or in sections (by fridge compartments or by shelf level for instance) then separate them into three piles. Delegate one pile for things that need to be cleaned or washed such as food containers. The next pile of content is for items that need to be put straight back into the fridge without you having to do anything. And last but not the least, the third pile will be made up of expired or gross-smelling food (Chuck those right in the trash – don’t even think twice about it!).

If you want to go the extra mile, declutter the top and front of your fridge. Take out all those magnets and sticky note reminders off the front and any contents off the top of your fridge. How to clean your refrigerator.

#2. Wipe down and wash

Source: InterDesign

Say no to that sticky salad dressing bottle! Focus on your first fridge pile: with a clean damp dishrag, wipe down any bottles and jars that have residue on them, then wash and dry your food containers.

#3. Clean inside of the fridge

Source: Pinterest

The next step is to take out all detachable fridge shelves and drawers, wash them with warm water and detergent and leave them out to dry. Spray the inside of the fridge with a non-toxic solution of vinegar and water (don’t forget the front of the fridge, door handles, and top of the fridge while you are at it), and leave for a few moments to let the solution soak in. Then go ahead and wipe down the entire fridge with a clean rag, using extra elbow grease for those heavily soiled areas. We are almost there!

#4. Return everything

Source: The Home Edit

Once everything is dry inside the fridge, return all the removable shelves and drawers. Now you are ready to put all those squeaky clean items back into their respective sections of the fridge ). This is the fun part – you can choose to organize by color, type of food or produce, size of container… (the possibilities are endless). For that picture-perfect vibe (and functionality), take veggies and containers out of store-bought plastic wrapping before placing them back in the fridge. This way you can see all your neatly arranged contents at a go. Turns out, you may have been storing your food in the fridge on the wrong shelf – follow this handy guide to help keep your food tasting fresher for longer.

Now, organize the front of the fridge – leave only items you regularly need such as schedules and one or two family photos (consider using a corkboard or notice board instead). You can hide non-essential items you prefer to leave on top of the fridge in storage baskets. If you wish, place a plant or two on top of the fridge – you know…for aesthetics.

#5. Be Extra

Source: Pinterest

If you want your fridge to stay organized and smelling great for even longer, consider purchasing fridge storage bins to keep everything compartmentalized (you can also shop for transparent containers in your kitchen cabinets… use what you already have). A chalk marker comes in handy for labeling fridge compartments and baking soda in a small container at the back of the fridge does wonders to fight food odors. Oh, and don’t forget to regularly conduct 5-minute mini decluttering sessions to keep your fridge in pristine condition.

Source: Kristy Wicks

And…you are good to go! Now sit back and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Hello, #fridgegoals!

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