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5 Stylish Hairstyles That Would Grow Your Edges

5 Stylish Hairstyles That Would Grow Your Edges



osing your edges happens to the best of us at different points in our lives and there are several reasons why this could occur, like stress, tight hairstyles, and over-relaxing the hair. Models with well-laid edges don’t seem to pacify this issue as you scroll through your social media feeds and low-key wonder what they’re doing right that you aren’t, especially when your home is filled with countless hair care products.

It’s not in every situation that desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes, letting your struggling edges be might be all it needs for revitalization and growth. Surrender your hot straightening iron and chemical-rich hair products while accepting that maybe retreating to hairstyles that grow edges would heal your hairline. This doesn’t mean that hair products are not important, it simply means that certain products should be avoided and others kept at a minimum. It is also important to use products that work for your hair type and make protective hairstyles your preferred route.

Check out 5 stylish hairstyles that are proven to grow your edges… 

#1. Bantu knots

This is one protective hairstyle that does a fantastic job at protecting both the edges and ends and can also hide the two hair textures when transitioning to natural hair. They are also inexpensive saving a girl some much-needed bucks.

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#2. Sleek backs

This might sound ironic because the sleek back style exposes thinned-out edges instead of concealing them but frankly, if the goal is to grow edges back then nothing gives your hair peace of mind than letting it be. A sleek back reduces pressure on the hairline and still leaves you looking natural and stunning. You can mask the thin edges by using hair gel to create sleek baby hairs.

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#3. Cornrows

Cornrows are beautiful, neat looking, and can be worn to every event. Plus, they are super easy to do and work well with a variety of outfits. Whether you make the hairstyle with hair extensions or your natural hair alone, you can be sure it will protect your edges either way. Ensure you wear a satin bonnet before sleep time to keep everything in check. You can’t be too careful.

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#4. Crochet braids

Crochet braids, when installed properly, can put a lot of other hairstyles to shame. How? Because they are edgy, stylish and a trusted hairstyle that grows edges. And let’s not forget that a ton of celebs and influencers favor this hairstyle, thus giving you ample inspiration should you decide to go the route.

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#5. Afro buns

This hairstyle is especially apt for women with natural hair or with an afro but is not exclusive to them alone. Make it more fun by parting them into two big buns. There are two words to describe afro buns: fun and beautiful.

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  • Wigs: Obviously, we all know what’s underneath every wig are simple cornrows. This is so convenient for you and your edges because now you can switch between stunning styles and let your hair breathe.
  • Ensure your stylist doesn’t make your hair too tight to avoid hair loss.

Protective hairstyles that grow edges can only do their part, the rest is up to you.

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