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Hair Dyeing: The Men’s Grooming Trend That Is The Rave Right Now

Hair Dyeing: The Men’s Grooming Trend That Is The Rave Right Now


Hair dyeing and the processes of hair colouring is no longer a territory reserved for women. We have reached a point where unnatural hair colours are now very fashionable and no longer a no-no for black men, so if you’ve been waiting for the cue to get in, this is it.

While men’s hair dyeing has been acceptable in the West for a while now, it wasn’t until recently that Nigerian and African men could colour their hair without being frowned upon by the society. Thanks to the changing tides, a good number of men in the creative industry, especially, are no longer afraid to be experimental and expressive with their hair; a change we welcome – after all, “the usual” is boring.

Today we take a look at the celebrities and influencers who have jumped on the hair dyeing trend. You’ll notice that most of them have a preference for blonde and golden hues. Thanks to their influence which is spreading wide and fast, we are now seeing more men in coloured hair on a daily basis.

Be inspired by some of the men dyeing their hair…

Denola Grey

Hair dye
Bidemi Adedeji
Men's hair dyeing
The Style Infidel

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