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Gucci, LV, Fendi, Repeat: All You Need To Know About Hushpuppi’s Style

Gucci, LV, Fendi, Repeat: All You Need To Know About Hushpuppi’s Style


Enigmatic entrepreneur and “multi-millionaire” Hushpuppi has come a long way since his early days. The story has it that he spent all of his childhood and most of his youthful years in Lagos, where he was born, hustling as he seemingly had the odds stacked against him during his formative years.

If you do not know Hushpuppi, also known as Raymond, then you must be living under a rock. The Dubai-based entrepreneur who is also popularly known as ‘the Gucci ambassador’ is one of a very few Nigerian style influencers who does strictly luxury and high-end fashion.

Often seen floating around luxury fashion stores, Ray Hushpupi is no stranger to head to toe “designer” looks, some of which we are not a fan of. His love for fashion has been evident for as long as we can remember, and while many wonder about his source of wealth, he never misses out on an opportunity to show off just how much he loves his designer labels and luxury living, in general.


Raymond Hushpuppi is not an easy man to put your finger on when it comes to style. Often unpredictable, his style is expensively original and multi-layered to achieve both an eccentric and a clean look. Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Dior are just some of his preferred labels and to prove this he often flaunts the one-on-one relationship he has with personnel at these stores.

High-fashion designs, like the ones Ray loves to wear, can overwhelm a guy who doesn’t have the right swagger or style. But Hushpuppi, a walking fireball of confidence and a matching charisma, has a way of making designer clothes serve him. His all-designer wardrobe has evolved into a more individualistic style as his ensembles have gotten even bolder.

With that said, Hushpuppi’s favourite pieces range from slick designer shirts to red bottom shoes to finely cut designer coats. Each look is unique and worn ostentatiously by the man who lives and breathes high-end designer labels.

We’ll let the pictures tell you all you need to know about Hushpuppi’s style…



Photo credit: IG | Hushpupi

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