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Has Accra Completely Taken Over Tourism From Lagos?

Has Accra Completely Taken Over Tourism From Lagos?


hana is fast becoming the hottest spot for travelers in West Africa. After taking over #DettyDecember from Lagos (this is a hot argument), the country’s capital Accra has a bevy of activities that visitors now find interesting. Ghana’s vibrant culture, melodic sounds, delicious cuisine, stunning beaches, rich history, and party energy have tourists in a chokehold. Every year, its capital records an increase in fascinated sightseers who eagerly include Ghana on their bucket lists.

Why is Ghana’s tourism on the rise?

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One of the main reasons for Accra’s rise in the hospitality industry is its diverse attractions and experiences. The city is home to a rich cultural heritage, with numerous historical sites, such as the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, dedicated to the first president of Ghana. The city is also known for its unique music and arts scene, with many local musicians and artists gaining international recognition.

In addition, Accra offers a plethora of cuisine options, from traditional Ghanaian dishes to international delicacies. One of the popular dishes is Jollof rice and Shitto. Ghana and Nigeria compete for Jollof supremacy. Although the meal originates from Senegal, these two continue to fight over the level of scrumptiousness. While this is often a lightweight conversation between the two natives, the rivalry may have sprouted into a feud beyond the kitchen.

Is Accra intercepting Lagos tourists?

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While Lagos has long been known for its bustling metropolis and nightlife, Accra’s serene and laid-back atmosphere might be enticing visitors’ curiosity. After the craze of the pandemic, most people needed a quiet and safe spot to feel zen again.

In recent times, insecurity in Nigeria skyrocketed, and this would naturally trigger cautiousness in travelers. Every human alive would veer toward the path of safety, and this has been said to render the peaceful and serene atmosphere of Accra appealing.

What affected the Lagos holiday spirit?

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The popularity of “Detty December” in Lagos was negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike Lagos, the party spirit continued to infiltrate the atmosphere of Accra with a lineup of important events keeping tourists and locals on their feet in the region. Now, with the growing popularity of #DettyDecember in the city, Ghana just cemented its status as a top tourist destination in the region.

Another reason for Ghana’s tourism industry is its focus on sustainability. The city has implemented various initiatives to promote responsible and sustainable tourism. These include promoting local products and supporting small businesses. This approach not only benefits the environment but also helps support the local economy.

In contrast, Lagos has faced challenges in the tourism industry, such as security concerns and a lack of infrastructure. While the city still has much to offer, such as its beaches and nightlife, it faces increasing competition from other cities in the region. Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria, has long been a major hub for travelers in West Africa. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend of tourists, companies, and even residents moving from Lagos to Accra, the capital of Ghana.

The battle continues

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A few years ago, Nigerians were incensed when Twitter revealed plans to establish its regional headquarters in Ghana. An action like this would raise the nation’s profile and draw more attention to it. The action was expected to have a big impact on the local economy, bringing in investment and creating jobs. This was a way to take advantage of the expanding technology and social media markets in the area. No doubt, this was a solid move by Twitter, considering the fracas between the Nigerian government and Twitter during the heat of the #EndSARS movement. With its growing economy, thriving cultural scene, and improving infrastructure, Accra is poised to become one of the most exciting and dynamic cities worth visiting in the region.

Why is Lagos lagging?

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Despite its rich history and cultural heritage, Lagos has faced numerous challenges in its efforts to become the major hub for tourism and business in West Africa. It shows the nonchalance of the government towards tourism. It seems like the leaders focus mainly on crude oil production and pay no mind to “frivolities.” One of the major barriers to growth has been corruption, which has hampered the country’s efforts to attract investment and build a thriving economy.

In addition, the government has also placed limits on Nigeria’s growth, due to a lack of effective policies and regulations. This has led to a business environment harsh to foreign investment. Also, the value of the Naira seems to be plummeting. This challenge has made it tough for the country to attract the investment and support it needs to grow and thrive. Although the Ghanaian Cedis performed worse than the Nigerian Naira in 2022, Ghana’s investment in its tourism provided travelers with enough reasons to visit that made many overlook its no-so-good currency.

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While Lagos, Nigeria has faced numerous challenges in its efforts to become a major hub for tourism and business, Ghana has overcome many of these obstacles and established itself as a leader in the region. For instance, Hollywood star Idris Elba recently announced his intentions to build a world-class movie studio in Ghana. With its growing economy, thriving cultural scene, and supportive government, Ghana is well-positioned to continue to grow and attract investment and tourists in the years to come.

The Nigerian general elections are around the corner, I believe it’s time to reverse the path of the nation’s struggles. While the goal isn’t to fuel national rivalry, each African country living up to its highest potential is a win for the Black community.

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