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Lagos Lately: See The Elegant Looks Spotted On Nigerian Style Stars

Lagos Lately: See The Elegant Looks Spotted On Nigerian Style Stars



n Lagos, the fashion streets never stop buzzing. It’s a world where new styles continue to surface in everyday places. Celebrities in Nigeria get that dressing up isn’t just about clothes; it’s about embracing fashion as an art and flaunting who you truly are. Recently, Nigerian style stars reminded us who they are, decked out in chic offerings that left a mesmerizing effect wherever they showed up.

Like always, we dive into the dazzling world of Nigerian fashion, making it a mission to spotlight the top seven styles that took the streets by storm. These aren’t just outfits; they’re works of art — testaments to the ever-evolving landscape of fashion in Nigeria and the embodiment of self-expression. So join us on this journey where every outfit tells a story, every color has its own feel, and every detail adds to Nigeria’s amazing fashion scene.

Check out these 7 cool outfits spotted on Nigerian female celebrities for your inspiration…

#1. Ankara rules

Photo: @tontodikeh/Instagram

Tonto Dikeh paid tribute to the Ankara fabric, which is dearly beloved in Nigerian fashion, with a chic rendering. Her multicolored Ankara gown with shimmering embellishments was proof of the fabric’s enduring appeal. She upped that appeal with a matching headgear that wove a sense of regality into the getup that was nicely finished with black pumps.

#2. Sultry in silver

Photo: @osasighodaro/Instagram

Osas Ighodaro looked stunning in silver, showcasing her exquisite sense of style. For a special night, she dressed elegantly in a silver-grey bodysuit underneath a silver lace dress with a high slit. With this outfit, she celebrated her natural beauty and invited everyone to appreciate her alluring complexion and impeccable sense of style.


#3. For the culture

Photo: @inidimaokojie/Instagram

The richness of African fabrics, each narrating a unique cultural story, found a splendid moment in Ini Dima-Okojie‘s striking outfit. She dazzled in a red aso-oke one-sleeve dress accentuated by a multicolored sleeve. This ensemble, a creation by the award-winning designer Derin Fabikun, was flawlessly complemented by her choice of footwear, perfectly capturing the essence of a rich African girl vibe.

#4. Angelic fringes

Photo: @kimoprah/Instagram

Reality TV star, Kimoprah, a vision of grace, redefined the concept of the divine in a mesmerizing white dress. This creation, resembling a corset with delicate fringe trims, exuded a goddess-like aura. The addition of gloves introduced a hint of vintage glamour to the masterpiece by none other than the celebrated Nigerian designer, TBally. It’s an understatement to say that Kim’s presence seemed celestial; as though she was sent from heaven.

#5. Fully plaid

Photo: @hafymo/Instagram

Hamsat Mohammed boldly flaunted the beauty of gender-fluid fashion with a plaid pantsuit. This double-breasted coordination was a visual symphony of power, complemented by statement jewelry. Hamsat’s choice of cornrow braids brought the African touch and also contributed to the enchanting blend of both masculine and feminine energies.

#6. All shades in one

Photo: @ozinna/Instagram

Rainbow-colored clothing may seem like a blast from the past, but Ozinna Anumudu added a contemporary flair to it. Her ensemble, a rainbow-colored short with a matching blazer and a bralette combination, was further amplified by the addition of an orange bag and striking yellow pumps. This look serves as a jubilant reminder that fashion is about embracing the full spectrum of colors and using them to express one’s unique personality.


#7. Classic pink topping

Photo: @its.priscy/Instagram

In a universe where pink reigns supreme, courtesy of the Barbiecore trend, Priscilla Ojo dressed to fit the times. Her carefully curated ensemble featured a high-slit black dress, an arresting pink blazer, and an assemblage of accessories that would make anyone envious — a pearl necklace, pink shoes, and a Louis Vuitton bag. The interplay of black and pink cast an enchanting aura of sophistication, emphasizing how the outfit was tailored to perfection; as though it was made exclusively for Priscilla’s fine frame.

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