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Celebrity Style: Omoni Oboli is a Rave-Worthy Ageless Mom | Rave Watch

Celebrity Style: Omoni Oboli is a Rave-Worthy Ageless Mom | Rave Watch


The name Omoni Oboli is usually attributed to success as a Nollywood actress, director, producer and thought leader, but today we are spotlighting something far from her film industry skills but integral to her personal brand; her ageless style! When it comes to the list of new generation moms who have successfully managed to remain ageless despite their demanding lives, Omoni’s name sits at the very top of that list.

The 38-year old wife and mother of three handsome boys hasn’t aged one bit since her return to Nollywood in 2006. She consistently finds new ways to rekindle her youthfulness  and the main secret is what she does with her style. Omoni has perfected the act of reinventing her youthful exuberance by keeping her style hippy, clean and trendy with a touch of class of sophistication when the occasion calls for. She crowns her youthful style with a fun and palpable energy, an ever-present innocent sparkle in her eyes and an uninhibited smile. Her whole pizzazz is really a contagious one. Another secret to her youthfulness is the fact that she rocks her natural hair! That alone takes 10 years off any woman’s look.

Rave Watch has been on her and lately she’s been seen rocking shirt dresses, pinas, sneakers and cross body bags like a carefree college girl.

Omoni is a style inspiration and an icon of some sort for young moms who may be wondering how to get their groove back after childbirth. She’s a reminder that no woman should lose touch with her youthful style just because she’s now a mother. You can mix things up just like Omoni does. Dress mature one day and youthful, the next…be unpredictable with your style and give your husband something to look forward to.

Omoni is style-smart! Be like Omoni!

Draw some inspiration from her recent photos to help channel your inner youth.


Omoni Oboli Style


Omoni Oboli Style





Photo Credit: Instagram @omonioboli


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