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Diamond Engagement Ring-Buying Is Changing: Here’s Why

Diamond Engagement Ring-Buying Is Changing: Here’s Why


In 1948 DeBeers launched a marketing campaign that changed the course of history with the words “A diamond is forever.” From that moment, asking for someone’s hand is marriage became synonymous with buying a diamond ring. Today, the diamond industry is still a 13 billion dollar industry, mostly because, like Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” 

Many things are changing in today’s world including the engagement ring shopping experience. For starters, buyers are arming themselves with more information than ever but here are more details on why engagement ring shopping in 2019 has moved beyond diamonds.


1. The power of information has become a useful tool in knowing what a person wants. These days it is easier for a groom-to-be to figure out a means to get his bride what she really likes by sharing images with a friend who would share same with the bride-to-be and get her exact preference. Being able to pre-shop on a website also makes it so much easier to find the best ring for your girl. There’s also the fact that you can now easily find information on different types of stones so you know the ones that work best for your budget and your bride-to-be’s style.

2. Having selected the ring, many ring shops now make a replica so that brides who shop for rings with their grooms know how it feels to have that particular design pattern on without seeing the real deal before time. This is so amazing because with so many options out there, how do you know what kind of ring you want on your finger forever without trying it on. This is the whole idea behind this highly personalized experience.

3. More brides are opting for other stone types. There are different types of engagement rings and not all of them are made from diamonds. There are other gemstones like sapphire, emerald, quartz and more. Brides now opt for any of these because as much as diamonds are forever these stones are too.

4. Technology is another factor affecting the contemporary engagement ring shopping experience. For the longest time, scientists have replicated gemstones, however, with the CVD process, they’ve literally blurred the lines between diamonds manufactured by the earth and ones created in a lab. The outcome of lab-made stones now compares greatly to the properties of mined ones and what’s even more complicated is that they have been given permission to market this lab-produced stones as “real.” Which brings us to the final point…

5. Cost; money always has a hand in how we make our choices. Although there are several options, every woman wants that beautifully cut diamond ring and it doesn’t help that celebrities favour it as much. While everyone wants one, the environment isn’t always friendly enough for a purchase and this is where lab-grown diamonds come in – they are mostly 30-40% less expensive than natural diamonds and have been referred to as a more sustainable option. Only a special machine can tell the difference between these lab-grown ones and the ones mined from the earth.

Buying an engagement ring is a very personal purchase. It is also one of the items that hold a lot of sentimental value so you need to shop smart, choose wisely and get something that you and your bride will forever love and feel happy about. Using the points above, be sure to ask the right questions about the stones and metals that make up the ring you’re eyeing. Also, ask about whether the stone is real real or lab real. You deserve to know!

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