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Destination Wedding? Here’s How To Pack Your Wedding Dress

Destination Wedding? Here’s How To Pack Your Wedding Dress

Destination brides, have you mapped ahead what you are going to do concerning getting your dress from point A to point B? Except you are travelling on a private jet or you have an onboard closet, one of the major issues brides who are having a destination wedding face is that of transporting their dress.

You should know that you can’t leave your dress in the hands of the baggage department, so how then can you travel with your ideal destination wedding dress without all the stress that comes along with it?

Here are a few tips you that will help as you move your dress from home to your destination wedding location…

destination wedding dress

1. The first thing on your list should be to have a conversation with your airline. Call them up and ask how they treat large but delicate items (yes your wedding dress is delicate). The airline may be willing to store it in a special closet for you. This will at least give you a starting information on how to handle your dress during the trip.

2. Now, how do you actually pack your wedding dress? Depending on the choice of attire, most wedding dresses are voluminous so to avoid wrinkles a garment bag is of the essence. Packing your dress in a garment bag also requires that you do it delicately. Placing your finger, guide the zipper up so that the dress doesn’t get pulled by the zipper. Yikes!

3. Okay, so for those brides who can fly first class, it’s better to splurge on priority, I mean we are talking about a once in a lifetime event. Meanwhile, if you fly first class or purchase priority boarding call ahead to confirm if the plane has a front closet.


4. Not everyone can afford the luxury, so what if the above-listed tip doesn’t apply to you? Another option is to fold your garment bag into two halves and place it in the overhead bin. This means you’ll have to watch that space like a hawk throughout the duration of the flight. You can also inform other passengers seating in your area on why your life depends on that bag so they can also treat it delicately.

5. Typically, your wedding dress isn’t your only essential, having all the other things you require such as your marriage certificate, ring, veil and more fit into your carry on bag is a great way to travel in peace knowing that all your essentials are next to you – just in case some pieces of luggage get left behind for one reason or the other. Also, check to see if the airline allows more than one allotted carry-on-bag as many consider a garment bag a carry-on.

6. Arriving at the airline gate early and informing the attendant that you are headed for your wedding could assure you of space in the overhead bin for your gown. Besides, attendants are more helpful when they know you are travelling to your wedding.

These tips are here to help you manoeuvre the difficulties you might face as a destination wedding bride. It’s very important that you plan ahead.

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