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SA’s Nhlanhla Mchunu’s Colourful Style Is Definitely Refreshing

SA’s Nhlanhla Mchunu’s Colourful Style Is Definitely Refreshing

Nhlanhla Mchunu Style Rave

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s the fact that South Africa has some very fashionable men. No matter the occasion or location, South African men always come through in the most eye-catching and coolest outfits.

Some of the best looks on the red carpets of events that have people from all over Africa present are by usually by South Africans. Even on the gram, their day-to-day style further proves just how stylish they are, even when they’re not in the spotlight.

Nhlanhla Mchunu

One of such fashionable South African men is Mzansi’s Nhlanhla Mchunu. Nhlanhla Mchunu is a fashion and lifestyle influencer who works in finance. He made GQ magazine’s list of most fashionable men of 2018 and we can definitely see why.

From his casual to his business casual looks, Nhlanhla has proven time after time that he’s not afraid to play with colours. The boy knows just how to use different hues to his advantage as every look he serves come across as effortlessly fabulous.

White tees, print shirts, skinny pants and striped pieces have registered as regulars in his wardrobe rotation and it is quite inspiring to see how he uses each fashion piece as an asset in building his impressive style profile.

Check out how Nhlanhla Mchunu uses colour to his advantage…

Nhlanhla MchunuNhlanhla Mchunu

Nhlanhla Mchunu Nhlanhla MchunuNhlanhla Mchunu

Photo credit: IG | nhlanhla_mchunu 

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