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Design For Love Unveils A Vibrant, Fashion-Forward Collection, “Sisi Eko”

Design For Love Unveils A Vibrant, Fashion-Forward Collection, “Sisi Eko”

What a beautiful and vivacious collection by Nigerian designer Design for Love. We love the brilliant mix of Ankara and how contemporary these designs are. A dream come true collection for the woman who is far from the average over-exposed Instagram fashionista.

This collection has been specially designed for bold enough women to own every space they step into. It’s colorful, vibrant, audacious, and fun! After all, what’s style without some fun to it. But there’s a story behind the woman for whom this collection was created. Her name is Sisi and she’s from Eko, or Lagos as those lacking in history call it.

Here’s Sisi Eko’s story…

Eko, the city of many intrigues, is the city of audacious people. In Eko, many people like Sisi Eko, are amazingly stylish and occasionally eccentric. For Sisi Eko, her style, much like the other inhabitants of Eko, is not demure because she lives in a city of larger than life monuments and millions of vibrant people. She needs to stand out even more; she refuses to be held tightly in a bud by social expectations or norms. Her beauty is hers only, and so is her style. Bright colours make her happy.

What is in this collection for her? Purses made out of seaweed to pay homage to the waters that course through her city, dresses with puff sleeves, pom-pom tops, and sleeveless trench coat with fringes that sway, all of which bear a certain je ne sais quoi to them.

Sisi Eko calls all women to live their most authentic selves; to be fearless, and to judge their beauties by standards they set for themselves.

You can shop these pieces at 11 Keffi street, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Take a look at the collection…

Sisi Eko

Sisi Eko

Sisi Eko

Sisi Eko

Sisi Eko

Creative Team

Photography: Aham Ibeleme | @ahamibeleme
Styling & Creative Direction:TheStlyeInfidel | @theStlyeInfidel
Wardrobe: @dflrocks |
Make-up: Beauty by Bellamere | @Beautybybellamere_
Models: Queen @ISIS Model Management | @isismodelsafrica

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