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Last Week, Black Stars Struck Exuberant And Upbeat Dapper Looks

Last Week, Black Stars Struck Exuberant And Upbeat Dapper Looks


Great fashion can be elegant and mirror the personality of a dandy person and that’s what makes it fun. Many of the best looks from last week were imbued with a lighthearted sensibility that made them a joy to wear, as we saw Black men around the world turn on the fun in dapper options and gave them a whole new spin. Whether on social media, on book tours, or even on game day, the sartorial vibe was exuberant and upbeat.

While on tour for his new book “Dwyane,” Dwyane Wade brought an air of eclecticism with his killer smile and stunning look. His geometric pattern jacket from Bode Clothings, combined with a pair of white pants from FWRD Man, and grey sneakers from Prada which complemented his grey t-shirt, was an alluring ensemble that highlighted the athlete and author’s ability to make even the most minimalist-inspired outfits feel grand.

Elsewhere, fall motifs provided an unexpected jolt of excitement. Currently enjoying the fall weather in the US, fashion influencer and fitness model, Idanio Saldanha updated his Instagram to show that even fall colors are exceedingly stylish. In a monochrome formal look with brown as the base color, he gave us a taste of dressing for warmth in the heart of Autumn. It’s a look that managed to be ideal for the season and unapologetically extravagant.

The people who stood out last week were those that made fashion fun in their own individual ways. As they went about their week, the best-dressed Black men were conscious about their silhouette as it embraced dapper fashion.

Check out the fashion statements from last week’s best dressed Black men…

LeBron James

Photo: Instagram – @kingjames

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Dwyane Wade

Photo: Instagram – @dwyanewade


Steve Harvey

Photo: Instagram – @iamsteveharveytv

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Adebayo Oke-Lawal

Photo: Instagram – @theorangenerd


Russell Westbrook

Photo: Instagram – @russwest


Usher Raymond

Photo: Instagram – @usher


Idanio Saldanha

Photo: Instagram – @idanio_saldanha

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Chris Paul

Photo: Instagram – @cp3


Myles Turner

Photo: Instagram – @leaguefits


Jermaine Richards

Photo: Instagram – @richie_rich_for_life

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