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Last Week, Style Stars Opted For Luxury And Luxury-Adjacent Takes

Last Week, Style Stars Opted For Luxury And Luxury-Adjacent Takes


After blazing into the month with casual style, celebrities threw out the rule book last week. Without an overarching trend or strict dress code to guide them, the best dressed Black men opted for luxury and luxury-adjacent takes. Whether it was attending the CFDA Awards (which has been termed the Oscars of fashion events), partying with friends, or gracing sporting events, our style stars showed up in personality-driven pieces.

Leading the pack is Lewis Hamilton, who arrived at the Formula One Grand Prix of Brazil making an unforgettable fashion statement. The race car driver was spotted in an eye-popping black-and-white silkscreen-print padded jacket featuring a collar and black pockets. He complemented it with a coordinating pair of military trousers and leather shoes, while donning a collection of silver rings and a nude watch. Certainly, Hamilton nailed this look in anticipation of his extraordinary Sao Paulo win.

Similarly spectacular was the shock of pink pinstripe David Wej suit that Nigerian actor, Adenola Adepetun wore when up and about in London. A deceptively simple yet classy two-piece suit worn over a white turtle neck sweater to suit the current UK weather, the look was a tasteful standout. In one corner, Denola brought modern minimalism; on the other hand, he offered a taste of luxury fashion. He completed the fit with an off-white trench coat and a pair of brown leather boots which made it seem regal. Black men luxury

Last week, the best-dressed Black men globally seemed intent on reminding the world that it only takes a single element to elevate an entire outfit to give it that luxurious look.

Check out the fashion statements from last week’s best dressed Black men…

Lewis Hamilton

Photo: @lewishamilton/Instagram


Lebron James

Photo: @kingjames/Instagram

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Diamond Platnumz

Photo: @diamondplatnumz/Instagram



Photo: @amine/Instagram


Adenola Adepetun

Photo: @denolagrey/Instagram

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Jermaine Richards

Photo: @richie_rich_for_life/Instagram


Adebayo Oke-Lawal

Photo: @theorangenerd/Instagram


Laquan Smith

Photo: @laquan_smith/Instagram


Dapper Dan

Photo: @dapperdanharlem/Instagram


Touré Roberts

Photo: @toureroberts/Instagram

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