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21 Characteristics Of A High-Value Man + Tips On Dating One

21 Characteristics Of A High-Value Man + Tips On Dating One



ou probably heard the term high-value man and wondered why it was difficult for your ex to be one. Or you want to know what it takes to discern, attract, and date a high-value man. In today’s dating landscape, a high-value man is frequently used to describe an individual who possesses qualities that make him stand out from the rest. He’s not just a catch, he’s a trophy fish worth displaying on the mantle. And because this kind of man would make a comfortable relationship, the competition is high.

The problem is the vast definition of a high-value man out there. To some, it’s a man who is rich and has a successful career. To others, it’s just a christening for the loathsome alpha males, who know they have a form of power and have become intoxicated with the attention. We live in a time when some ladies let men off the hook for bad behavior if he is wealthy. “He cheats on me. He abuses me. But he buys the best gifts. He takes care of me.” To this kind of lady, high-value men have the cheese and make the world go round.

In a saner climate, high-value man characteristics include consciously thriving to be a better version of himself. He is a man that’s hardworking, talented, successful, and self-aware. This man knows the difference between arrogance and self-confidence. He is also aware that his attention is as important as the resources he showers on his girl. He’s not a perfect man, but he knows his worth and his life is proof of it.

Check out 21 proven high-value man characteristics to look out for… 

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  1. Confidence: A high-value man is confident in himself and his abilities. There’s a big gap between being confident and being arrogant. He knows he can command respect without being bossy.
  2. Self-awareness: He is aware of his strengths and weaknesses, and constantly works to improve himself. This man doesn’t play the blame game.
  3. Honesty: Another characteristic of a high-value man is honesty. You can bet your bottom dollar that this man values honesty and integrity in himself and others.
  4. Communication skills: He won’t bottle up feelings meant to be expressed. He is an effective communicator and knows how to express his thoughts and feelings clearly.
  5. Emotional intelligence: This dude is in touch with his emotions and has empathy for others. He won’t be mean, egotistical, or manipulative. He is kind and considerate towards others.
  6. Ambition: A high-value man is driven. He has a strong sense of purpose in his life and works hard to achieve his goals.
  7. Financial stability: Mr. high-value knows he has to provide, hence, he strives to be financially responsible and stable.
  8. Independence: He is self-sufficient and doesn’t rely on others for his happiness or success. He doesn’t wait around for motivation. To him, anything that has to be done should be done.
  9. Humility: The dude is humble and doesn’t boast about his accomplishments or abilities. He won’t use his accomplishments to degrade others.
  10. Loyalty: He is loyal to his loved ones and stands by them through thick and thin.
  11. Patience: Another way to spot a high-value man is patience as he has the fortitude to bear and understand, especially in difficult situations.
  12. Compassion: He has a genuine concern for others and their well-being. He doesn’t derive joy in seeing others suffer. He treats others with respect and expects the same in return.
  13. Good listener: You can talk to this man and “know” that he listens because he pays attention to what others have to say.
  14. Strong work ethic: Talk about a man who is interested in learning new things. He has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to his career/business. He is adaptable and can handle change well. This helps him get back up after any setback and strive harder.
  15. Sense of humor: He has a good sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously.
  16. Family-oriented: This man values his family and prioritizes their well-being. He respects them all and wants the best for them.
  17. Self-care: He takes care of his physical and mental health. From exercising to eating well, Mr. high-value does everything to stay in great shape and health. Simply put, the brother knows how to put himself together. He’s good-looking and knows it!
  18. Emotional stability: He doesn’t let his emotions control his actions. This doesn’t mean he can’t express his emotions but he is a master of them.
  19. Open-mindedness: He is open-minded and willing to consider different perspectives. He’s teachable and ready to accept corrections.
  20. Courage: If you’re looking for more characteristics of a high-value man, look no further than this. The man is bold, courageous, and isn’t afraid to take risks.
  21. Generosity: He is generous with his time, resources, and affection toward others. No one feels empty around him.

Tips for dating a high-value man

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If this type of man has caught your attention and you’re planning on building something strong with him, here are some tips to get you going:

  • Be confident: High-value men are attracted to women who are confident in who they are and what they want. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect or have everything figured out but it means being comfortable in your skin.
  • Be honest and upfront: Just the same way you’d want an honest man. High-value men also value honesty and authenticity in a partner. Be open and transparent about your thoughts and feelings, and don’t be afraid to communicate your needs and wants.
  • Communicate effectively: These men don’t want mind games. They don’t want assumptions. Be clear and concise in your communication, and listen actively to what your partner is saying. This is because they don’t have time to play games. They are clear about what they want in a relationship and aren’t trying to eat their cake and have it. That’s where some miss it; they feel because he’s well-to-do, he has to test all the waters and take advantage of the flock of ladies on his waiting list.
  • Respect their time and boundaries: These men are often busy and have a lot going on in their lives. You should respect their time and boundaries, and don’t be clingy or needy. This doesn’t mean you should allow him to take you for granted or become an afterthought. It means you can’t sit idle all day and expect him to do the same.
  • Have your interests and passions: Don’t behave like a man is the center of your being. Have dreams, goals, and purpose, then pursue them with your partner.
  • Be supportive and encouraging: A high-value man values a supportive and encouraging partner who is there for him through thick and thin. And these kinds of emotionally-available men deserve it. Be his biggest cheerleader and support system. Offer words of encouragement and support when they need it.
  • Embrace your femininity: High-value men are often attracted to women who know how to live up to their femininity. Never lose yourself in the quest for independence. This doesn’t mean you should become passive but rather embrace your natural strengths as a woman.

Also, remember to put more value in yourself to attract the right person. While you put in work to attract the right people around you, also invest in yourself. A true high-value man recognizes the real deal when he sees it.

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