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Regal Beauty And Piercing Stares Defined Last Week’s Best Beauty Looks

Regal Beauty And Piercing Stares Defined Last Week’s Best Beauty Looks


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and if there’s one thing a black woman will can do at will, it’s to stare into the depths of your soul. Our eyes, rich with beauty and experiences always have a unique tale of their own to tell. Last week’s best beauty looks came with beauty looks and endearing stares fit for royalty and we cannot get enough!


It’s only right that we kick off this coalition of regal beauty looks from last week with art curator, Vanessa Kanaiza Onale’s vintage scarf. The head gear was draped effortlessly over her cornrows and we just love how her edges are laid and styled with the same effortless appeal.

Music artist Amara La Negra, stared us down, crowned in a big curly Afro. The fierceness in this picture was so captivating that you wouldn’t realize you had been staring back for so long. And even when you want to look away, you can’t.


Hijab beauty influencer Jasmine Egal, gave us a chromatic welcome into the new year. Her eyelids were framed with a beautiful gradient of purple hues that gave the illusion of chromium underneath the light. Innovative and sensational!

Sudanese model Kuir D’agoot, delivered one of the most stunning looks from last week as captured by DC-based photographer Domoshotme. The first thing that draws you in is her rich melanin skin followed by her outstanding features. Her eyes were framed in subtle shimmer and her highlights were a flawless skin-like finish as done by NY & DC-based makeup artist Brittany Rogers; all of these will keep your eyes stuck on this timeless black beauty.

Check out last week’s best beauty looks on black women across the world…

Meagan Good


Dakore Egbuson Akande

beautiful photo of dakore akande black women beautiful


Amara La Negra

Vanessa Kanaiza


Ugwuamaka Okemute


Olomide Didi


Jasmine Egal


Kuir D’agoot

Teaira Walker



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