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Last Week, Black Stars Struck A Balance Between Edgy And Comfy

Last Week, Black Stars Struck A Balance Between Edgy And Comfy


Some weeks, it feels like everyone is on the same page, and that certainly seemed the case over the past seven days as Black men across the globe looked for ways to stay warm in style. While a cozy look may have been the week’s theme, that by no means suggests a boring compilation. On the contrary! Last week, Black men serenaded us with a pleasant display of edgy fashion takes all the while keeping warmth the goal. 

The Looks

Naturally, fashion influencer and creative director, Jermaine Richards led the pack. On the streets of New York, Richie was spotted about town in a “winterful” layered ensemble composed of a white cashmere turtleneck sweater by New York-based fashion brand, Rich Access, a pair of lilac cargo pants and an embellished jacket from Rich Access as well. An appealing alternative to a trench coat, he wore a blue wooly long coat — which was more modern and fashionable — as the outer layer. He finished off the look with a pair of silver boots, a yellow purse and a green baseball hat. When Richie takes to the streets, he always delivers.

Everyone seems to be protecting themselves from the cold. Buffalo Bills athlete, Stefon Diggs, however, is doing so military style. Diggs brought his A-game for his game-day style in an army green bomber jacket with a tangle net on the outside worn over a shirt of similar color. The top of the ensemble was matched with a pair of cargo pants. For footwear, the football player went with a pair of Air Jordan 1 high-top sneakers which served as a necessary break from the green, along with the black interwoven bag and knitwear beanie.

As the temperature reduced around the globe, Black men chose looks to keep them warm while looking like style aficionados. Whether it was blazers, wooly long jackets, or deconstructed sweaters, the best styles last week were focused on warmth.

Check out the fashion statements from last week’s best dressed Black men…

Jordan Clarkson

Photo: @leaguefits | Instagram

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Russell Westbrook

Photo: @upscalehype | Instagram


Jermaine Richards

Photo: @richie _rich_for_life | Instagram

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Rich Mnisi

Photo: @therichmnisi | Instagram


Idanio Saldanha

Photo: @idanio_saldanha | Instagram


Adebayo Oke-Lawal

Photo: @theorangenerd | Instagram

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Brian Burns II

Photo: @protrending | Instagram

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Stefon Diggs

Photo: @stefondiggs | Instagram


Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

Photo: @ebuka/Instagram


Wisdom Kaye

Photo: @wisdm | Instagram

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