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Last Week, The Best Dressed Black Men Took An Eclectic Outlook On Style

Last Week, The Best Dressed Black Men Took An Eclectic Outlook On Style


After kicking off the year in predominantly comfy takes, Black stars threw out the rule book last week and went fully in. Without overarching trends or strict dress codes to dictate their style, they opted for eclectic looks that cut across both classic and edgy lanes. Thus allowing their individualism shine through while going about their duties and routines in full-on fashion. 

The Looks

Leading the pack last week is RnB singer Johnny David Jackson better known as Fabolous who gave us the green light in a monochromatic hip look. Fabolous did do justice to green in a green DaRucci NYC faux fur jacket worn over a green t-shirt and coupled with a pair of jeans with green undertone. An extra edginess was added to the ensemble with a pair of Aimé Lore Deon X Timberland boots which were hard to miss. The cuffs on the jeans added some additional drama to the look which complemented the Balenciaga shades and Rolex watch.

Similarly spectacular, Steve Harvey offered a taste of Tom Ford’s modern man. The television host, on the set of his new show “Judge Steve Harvey”, wore a charcoal black two-piece, double-breasted suit which looked regal on him. Defying the “black is boring” statement, Harvey wore a jet-black coat over the suit and finished the look off with a pair of patent leather dress shoes and black leather gloves.

When celebrities have a chance to shine, they take full advantage. Last week with the new year in full swing and festive celebrations retiring, Black men sought out styles and possible future trends that ensured the spotlight remained on them.

Check out the fashion statements from last week’s best dressed Black men…


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Steve Harvey

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D’Angelo Russell

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Jayson Tatum

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Diamond Platnumz

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Tyrod Taylor

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Greg Ntore

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Devin White

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Trevor Stuurman

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