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Last Week, The Best Dressed Black Stars Served Street Style Takes

Last Week, The Best Dressed Black Stars Served Street Style Takes


Not every great outfit necessitates a red carpet. While dressing up for significant events is thrilling, looks worn for running errands, sports event and more are often a more authentic representation of a person’s style. Last week as Black men enjoyed going about their day and the quieter side of life in the spotlight, they did so in individualized street-style takes.

The Looks

NBA player Jordan Clarksons always makes sure his game day fits are interesting, but last week for the Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans game, the sportsman outdid himself. Clarksons made his way to the stadium in a Human Made x Cactus Plant Flea Market jacket. With a striking addition of colors in form of decorative patches, Clarksons’ fluffy jacket begged to be touched. Worn with a pair of cuffed Kapital jeans and a pair of multi-color Gucci sneakers, more flare was added to his game-day ensemble. The LaMILANESA tote bag pulled together his entire look.

Clarkson wasn’t the only one wearing street style during workday duties. Over in South Africa, creative director Trevor Stuurman broke out the luxury attire when shooting a campaign for Gucci. In his mono-designer Gucci ensemble consisting of a jacket and matching pants, a hat, a pair of loafers, a bag and a pair of sunglasses, Stuurman was the coolest kid on the fashion block.

As Black men headed out last week, they mastered off-red carpet dressing by selecting street-style pieces that aligned with their style and the moment’s essential ready-to-wear items.

Check out the street style statements from last week’s best-dressed Black men…

Tyrod Taylor

Photo: @tytaylor | Instagram

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Jordan Clarksons

Photo: @vivint | Instagram


Adebayo Oke-Lawal

Photo: @theorangenerd | Instagram


Caris LeVert

Photo: @pacers | Instagram


Chris Paul

Photo: @leaguefits | Instagram

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Trevor Stuurman

Photo: @trevorstuurman | Instagram

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Photo: @sterlingpics | Instagram


Serge Ibaka

Photo: @sergeibaka | Instagram

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Harrison Thomas Crite

Photo: @iamhdiddy/Instagram


Dan Clemt

Photo: @danclemt | Instagram

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