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Last Week, Black Men Embraced Laidback Fashion With A Dash Of Cool

Last Week, Black Men Embraced Laidback Fashion With A Dash Of Cool


T hanks to social media and the 24-hour news cycle, a celebrity’s work is never done, even during the week of Christmas. Last week as they were busy making preparations for Christmas, heading to carry out their obligations, Black men put their best yet laidback fashion foot forward.

The Looks

For Jordan Clarksons, that meant a downbeat twist on the game day look. Clarksons’ fans undoubtedly remember some of his edgy moments, but in an Off White coat, Detroit Red Wings Jersey, a pair of khaki cargo pants and a pair of Off White X Jumpman 23 Air Jordans 2, he found a look that reflected his chill Christmas game day vibe. Accessorized with a pair of black sunglasses, the minimalist outfit placed Clarkson in a new fashion context.

While the month’s tabloid headlines haven’t been in favor of LeBron James, the sport star and entrepreneur didn’t stop updating fans with his style. For the Lakers vs. Sun game, James looked chill and evergreen in a Maison Margiela jacket, Visvim WMV sweatshirt, a pair of Rick Owens pants, and a pair of Crocs pollex clogs. A laidback take on casual layering, the look was a power move that asserted LeBron’s ability to control the narrative.

Whether it was going to Christmas parties, fashion parties, or sporting events, Black men served laidback fashion looks during the week of Christmas. They showed us that Christmas isn’t restricted to loud style.

Check out the fashion statements from last week’s best dressed Black men…

LeBron James

Photo: @kingjames | Instagram

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Jordan Clarksons

Photo: @jordanclarksons | Instagram


Jaden Smith

Photo: @c.syresmith | Instagram


James Harden

Photo: @jamesharden13 | Instagram


Elchum Rozier

Photo: @rozier | Instagram

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Russell Westbrook

Photo: @russwest44 | Instagram


Juma Jux

Photo: @juma_jux | Instagram

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Falz The Bad Guy

Photo: @falzthebahdguy | Instagram


Bradley Ndlovu

Photo: @bradleyndlovu | Instagram


Tyrod Taylor

Photo: @tytaylor | Instagram

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