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Last Week’s Best Dressed Stars Favored Subtle Cuts And Classic Tones

Last Week’s Best Dressed Stars Favored Subtle Cuts And Classic Tones



seed sown in good conditions blossoms to bear fruit. As sure as this principle is, it also applies to a person fluent in their style. Season after season, style remains the lingua franca in a world full of fads. Last week, the stars tilted towards their distinct sartorial strengths with a play on cuts, textures, and tones. As they headed out to events like the 2024 Paris Fashion Week, they rendered looks that bordered on reserved and sexy. In all, the offerings played to every woman’s distinct personality and highlighted her sartorial genius.

The Looks

Mea Culpa star, Kelly Rowland was a burst of yellow cuteness at the Sheri Shepherd show wearing a GCDS look. She layered a yellow coat over a form-fitting printed dress that delivered vibrant energy. Although the dress could serve as a stand-alone wonder, it slapped with the coat and Rowland’s signature bob hairstyle. Indeed, the star’s been killing it lately.

Lala Anthony attended the BMF Stars premiere in a white and black Dolce and Gabbana suit. She styled the polished offering with black gloves and diamond rings. Menswear has been overturning with diverse renditions, and it seems the ladies have ironically taken up the responsibility of creatively styling these pieces to serve.

Yves Saint Laurent’s show during the 2024 Paris Fashion Week packed a full punch, with star-studded appearances of celebrities doing justice to the brand’s fits. Zoe Saldana was on this list sporting a neutral-toned ensemble consisting of a belted skirt and a white sleeveless top. She elevated the offering with a sleek leather jacket, gloves, and pumps. The bold and conservative rendering matched her red-tinted hair.

Check out the best-dressed stars at the 2024 Paris Fashion Week and other events last week…


best-dressed-2024-Paris Fashion Week-and-other-events-from-last-week
Photo: @ciara/Instagram

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Kelly Rowland

Photo: @kollinkarter/Instagram


Lala Anthony

Photo: @lala/Instagram



best-dressed-2024-Paris Fashion Week-and-other-events-from-last-week
Photo: @tasiaworld/Instagram

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Photo: @saweetie/Instagram


Zoe Saldana

Photo: @zoesaldana/Instagram


Taraji P Henson

Photo: @iamjamesanthony/Instagram


Solange Knowles

Photo: @ferragamo/Instagram

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Muni Long

best-dressed-2024-Paris Fashion Week-and-other-events-from-last-week
Photo: @munilong/Instagram


Lori Harvey

Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram

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