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Behind The Lens Series: Photographer ABU SALAMI Will Make You Fall In Love With His Edits

Behind The Lens Series: Photographer ABU SALAMI Will Make You Fall In Love With His Edits

Abu Salami is one of a handful of photographers that have gained a “cult following” as a result of image-making. But it didn’t happen overnight.

Abu Salami understands that photographs are simply the best ways to preserve memory in our minds. You see, feelings exist forever but images fade; so to look back on some important event we have experienced, we need something that captured such an event or at least a moment of it; and this is why photography is such a big deal in global culture. Abu Salami understood this and he had a vision of not just taking images but transforming them into something that was irresistible; something that would capture the moment and give deeper meaning to that particular space and time.

The man behind some of the most stunning images captured in Nigeria embarked on making this vision a reality and it shot him and his talent into the limelight. There are a large number of Photographers out there but we dare say Abu Salami’s images are as memorable as the Man himself.

Abu Salami

The way he attacks each image he captures with intensity and fire goes to show that he is truly an artist’s artist. Abu Salami believes so much in what he does and how people receive his work that he takes time to ensure that for every image he releases, his finishing is near perfection. He has earned his place as one of the most sort after photographers in Nigeria and here’s why….

Abu Salami Photography | Lookbook

Photo Credit: IG | Abusalamiphotography

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