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Beard Appeal: 3 Simple And Effective Grooming Tips For The Bearded Man

Beard Appeal: 3 Simple And Effective Grooming Tips For The Bearded Man


For a long while now, men around the world have embraced the growth of full facial hair, even forming an unincorporated “beard gang.” Of course, not everyone is genetically blessed to grow a lush beard but if you’re among the favoured, caring for it is another thing, hence this article.

Word around is that some bearded men neglect the care of their beard. There are many reasons why you should groom your beard consistently, the most important reason being hygiene. Need another reason why you should take good care of your beard? Well, no lady wants an ungroomed, itchy, smelly bearded man hanging around her.

Grooming a beard can be time-consuming and because of that, many avoid it forgetting that the results of good grooming help you stand out wherever you go. While we understand that your busy schedule leaves you no time for pampering, we also want you to know that caring for your beard isn’t a full-time job. “Beard keeping” becomes a chore when you go a long time without paying much attention to it. If you’ll only bring out a few minutes each week to religiously do only three tips, you’ll certainly be surprised by the difference that would make.

Here are 3 grooming steps to follow in order to have a healthy beard…

#1. Wash and condition

Keeping your beard clean helps to prevent itchiness and also keeps it soft. Shampooing and conditioning the beard is a very important grooming step, especially when you’re in the process of growing one. If the beard is not well-washed, it gets dry down to the roots and makes it coarse. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. After washing, dry with a clean towel and allow to air dry.

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#2. Moisturize

Moisturizing the beard is a very important step in grooming. This helps to prevent dandruff as well as other issues that may arise as a result of super-dry beards. When the beard isn’t dedicatedly moisturized, it’s likely to become dry and flaky. Avoid this by investing in a good beard oil which keeps the beard hydrated and nutrient-rich.

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#3. Comb and trim regularly

Photo: Nathon Oski | Unsplash

For men with a full face of hair, comb that beauty before you go out. Combing should come after moisturizing so as to get the beard in order. The same reason you comb the hair on your head is why you comb your beard, to get rid of tangles. Trimming the beard at intervals is also very important. This helps to get rid of knots and split ends.

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