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How To Be More Positive About Your Life

How To Be More Positive About Your Life



ositivity is like a rare precious stone in the world we currently live in. With all that’s going on, it’s almost justifiable to remain negative when we take in everything. However, the question remains: “How long will that serve you?” Soon, you’ll see why being positive is the best and only option you could possibly have.

Long story short, taking charge of your life and deciding to be more positive is a personal responsibility and path. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re more prone to anxiety and positivity seems like a far-fetched dream. Some come to this world with sunshine and rainbows, always believing in the best there is. For such people, staying positive about life is simply a genetic implant. Others aren’t so lucky and are naturally much more melancholic. 

The good news is that being positive can be learned and it doesn’t matter how you acquired your positivity because the outcome remains the same––peace of mind.

Check out 9 proven tips on how you can be more positive about your life…

#1. Laugh

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This sounds simple but you’ll be surprised at the number of people who can’t remember the last time they had a good laugh. If you want to be more positive about your life, develop a sense of humor and enjoy it. It’s at times like this you appreciate the internet and the comedy skits it offers. Whenever you feel down, don’t succumb to the moody feeling and instead find something humorous to indulge in online. Laugh, it’s good for you. 

#2. Do something for yourself

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Doing nice things for yourself goes a long way in improving your outlook on life. This isn’t selfishness but a gesture to reward yourself for the efforts you’re making — even if you may not have hit your year’s goals. Appreciate yourself for the efforts you made and you’ll view the world through better lenses. This doesn’t have to cost too much as a simple meal, massage, or outfit can go a long way to remind yourself that you’re loved. 

#3. Practice acceptance

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When you accept the things in your life you’re unable to change, you develop inner peace and strength. This is no reason to lie around helplessly throwing in the towel, certainly not. Rather, it’s a call to redirect your energy to what you have control over while you’re on the lookout for opportunities that will better your life.

Here’s a simple prayer you’ll find useful:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” ~Reinhold Niebuhr.

#4. Practice gratitude

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Life would have a more positive outlook if you stop focusing on the gazillion things you still don’t possess or haven’t achieved but stayed grateful for the simple things you have. There’s always something you can be grateful for even in the midst of turmoil. True, this is easier said than done, therefore, you’ll have to be more deliberate in your approach. 

Start your day with gratitude and learn to say thank you more often. By doing this, you’ll find that positivity will naturally become a part of you.

#5. Be more conscious about the wins

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If you decide to be more deliberate about counting your blessings, you will soon realize that nothing is really bad all the time. In every situation, good or bad, try recognizing the little life lessons learned and the takeaways no matter how inconsequential they might seem. In addition to this, focusing on your wins will also help boost your confidence thus, it’ll affect your general approach to life. 

#6. Try giving back to someone

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Many experts swear by the psychology behind giving back so, whenever you’re about to slip into depression and dwell on the not-so-great aspects of life, try doing something nice for someone who can’t pay you back and watch how things suddenly flip. It reminds you that no matter how low you feel, there are people whose prayers are just to have a little of what you have.

#7. Protect your energy

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You might not be able to control a lot of things in life, but you can control your environment like staying away from negative and toxic people, filtering the shows you watch on TV, and the music you listen to. Another way to protect your energy in these times (or anytime for that matter) is to monitor the accounts you follow on social media. If a certain page makes you feel down or less enthusiastic about your own life, unfollow that page immediately.

Be deliberate about spending time with people that make you feel empowered, or viewing pages that make you feel optimistic and inspired. This is also true for listening to music that uplifts you. All these go a long way in helping you become more positive about your life.

#8. Seriously, live your best life

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Make actual efforts to strike off those bucket list plans that you’ve always had. Live your dream and in that lies your best life. Take a chance on life, travel the world, build that dream career, and ask that crush on a date. When you’re doing what you want to do with your life, fulfillment is always the end product, and positivity is a natural byproduct.

#9. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

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Ever been sleep-deprived? Then you’ll know crankiness is always lurking around the corner and positivity can’t thrive in such a state of mind. Get enough rest, exercise, meditate, and eat healthily. Basically, being more deliberate about your lifestyle is a great way to be more positive about your life.

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