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Kanye West Previews $1.2 Million Yeezy Cybertruck: Fans Divided on “Armored Fridge” Design

Kanye West Previews $1.2 Million Yeezy Cybertruck: Fans Divided on “Armored Fridge” Design


Ye isn’t afraid to push boundaries, and his latest venture proves it. This week, Kanye West unveiled his much-anticipated Yeezy Cybertruck, a custom-designed electric truck with a hefty $1.2 million price tag. However, reactions to the “armored fridge” on wheels, as some have dubbed it, have been far from unanimous.

Here’s all we know…

The limited-edition truck, produced in a mere three units, boasts an all-black, futuristic makeover of Tesla’s already unconventional Cybertruck. West reportedly picked up one for himself. The car resembles a floating pyramid with straight lines that converge in a “peak” at the very top. 


It has absolutely no visible external features—other than the brake light on the rear. While some admire the radical, pyramid-like design, many fans are left unimpressed.

WATCH: The Yeezy Cybertruck in drive mode

West is famous for his radical fashion choices, like his recent fondness for skin-tight leggings and “Bond-villain dentures.” This out-of-the-box approach to fashion means he’s no stranger to setting trends. But the question remains: will the Yeezy Cybertruck be a trendsetter or a million-dollar flop?

Social media is abuzz with debate. While some hail the truck as a design marvel, others mock its practicality and eye-watering price tag. “Kanye’s gone off the deep end this time. This truck looks like it belongs on Mars, not on the road,” joked one X user. “Finally, a Cybertruck that reflects Kanye’s unique style. Bold and unapologetic. I love it,” another said.

Kanye West’s penchant for the dramatic extends beyond the Yeezy Cybertruck. His Yeezy fashion line has walked the tightrope between trendsetting and controversial. Season after season, West has challenged traditional notions of fashion. He’s incorporated everything from full-face masks to ripped clothing and oversized garments into his collections, sparking conversation and sometimes, outrage.

One particular collection sent shockwaves through the fashion world in 2016. West presented models in nude-colored bodysuits and thigh-high boots, a design choice that many criticized for its hypersexualization and lack of wearability. This wasn’t the first, nor the last, time West’s designs would be met with mixed reviews. In 2022, his Yeezy Gap collection, featuring baggy denim and oversized jackets, was mocked for its resemblance to clothes one might find at a homeless shelter.

The Yeezy Cybertruck follows a similar pattern. West isn’t afraid to court controversy, and his million-dollar truck is sure to do just that. Whether it becomes a coveted collector’s item or a cautionary tale of celebrity excess remains to be seen.

Featured image: Gotham/GC Images via Billboard

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