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Linen Nails Are Still The Best Bet For Understated Elegance This Summer

Linen Nails Are Still The Best Bet For Understated Elegance This Summer


The minimalist approach to style is still running wild, and our nails are taking that route just in time for summer. This season, linen nails, a dominant trend in the realm of nail art, are continuing to captivate beauty enthusiasts with their understated elegance and natural charm. Inspired by the texture and timeless appeal of linen fabric, this nail technique offers a refreshing departure from heavily embellished manicures, inviting individuals to embrace a new dimension of creativity and quiet luxury.

Photo: @polakierowana_klaudia.gagracz/Instagram

With summer just on the horizon, linen nails are already positioned to be the perfect accessory to complement sun-kissed skin and breezy summer attire. Unlike heavy or overly embellished nail designs, linen nails exude a muted feel that effortlessly mirrors the relaxed vibe of the season. Their soft, matte finish evokes the tactile sensation of linen fabric, creating a cool and refreshing aesthetic that is both chic and understated. What’s more, these nails are super easy to achieve so you don’t need to spend hours sitting at a nail salon for your rendition. With any shade of neutral/nude nail polish with a matte finish, you too can ride on this trend.

Check out different renditions of the linen nail trend to try this summer…

Photo: @elena.naildesign/Instagram
  • Classic linen nails: This timeless design features a beige-colored nail polish applied to the entire nail, with a matte finish that gives it a subtle and understated look. The color is often matched to your natural nail color, creating a seamless and effortless appearance.
  • Color burst linen nails: This type of linen nail incorporates a splash of color to a line-up of neutral colors for a head-turning effect. From soft tones like pastels to prominent hues like red, it’s perfect for ladies who don’t want to be too loud or too quiet.  
  • White-on-white linen nails: This crisp and clean design features a white or cream-colored nail polish applied to the entire nail, with a white or cream-colored tip. The result is a bold and modern look that’s perfect for summer.
Photo: @anetaujwary/Instagram
  • Linen nail art: This design takes the classic linen nail to the next level by incorporating subtle nail art. This can be anything from a small flower to swirls, abstract designs, or a delicate stripe pattern, adding individuality and a hint of whimsy.
Photo: @id_nails_space/Instagram
  • Ombré linen nails: This gradient design features a lighter beige color at the tip of the nail and a slightly darker color at the cuticle, creating a natural and sun-kissed look. The ombré effect adds depth and dimension to the nail, making it a great option for those who want a bit of visual interest.
Photo: @valzasnails/Instagram
  • Soft glaze: Although linen nails are predominantly matte, there’s no rule against tweaking things to suit your personality. Here’s where a soft shine comes in. This interpretation leverages a sliver of clear polish for a touch of glazed glamour.  
Photo: @anywearwithalex/Instagram
  • French tip linen nails: This design features a classic French tip detail with a white or cream-colored tip and a natural beige base color. You can switch things up with an abstract French tip accompanied by isolated chrome (as seen below). The result is a timeless and elegant offering, perfect for any moment.
Photo: @taminailartist/Instagram
  • Speckled linen nails: This design sees a natural, beige-colored nail polish enlivened with speckles. From jet black to soft tan, speckles bring a dramatic touch to the conversation. The result is a sleek and sophisticated look that’s perfect for those who want a bit of character without going overboard.
Photo: @annapripon.nails/Instagram
  • Lip gloss linen nails: This bold design features a shiny, lip gloss-like finish instead of the traditional matte finish. The result is a bold and eye-catching look that’s perfect for those who want to make a statement. The lip gloss finish can be paired with a natural beige base color or bolder color for a more dramatic effect.
  • Moody matte linen nails: This design features a dark, moody color instead of the traditional natural beige, with a matte finish that gives it a subtle and understated look. The result of this interpretation of the linen nail trend is a dramatic and edgy look that’s perfect for those who want to add a bit of mystery to their nail game.

Featured image: @polakierowana_klaudia.gagracz/Instagram 

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