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Aliko Dangote At 62: How Africa’s Richest Man Convinced Himself That He’s Rich

Aliko Dangote At 62: How Africa’s Richest Man Convinced Himself That He’s Rich

Nigerian business magnate, philanthropist, investor and owner of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote GCON, turned 62 today, April 10. As Africa’s richest man with an estimate of $10.4 billion, Dangote was recently placed at the 136th position on Forbes’ global list of billionaires, in March 2019.

So what did it take to convince Dangote that he’s indeed rich? The father of three recently shared that when he first started his business and made his first couple of millions, he felt it was all numbers that were written down. To be convinced that he had money, he went to the bank – before the restrictions were set on how much money could be withdrawn at once – and withdrew $10M “just to look at it” before returning it to the bank the next day. It’s okay to whisper “Goals!” 

Dangote is passionate about Nigeria and is constantly investing in the country. The Dangote Group is heavily involved in the manufacture of essential commodities like sugar, flour and cement, employing thousands and yielding revenues that continue to contribute to Nigeria’s standing as Africa’s highest GDP value holder. He’s also involved in the businesses of fertilizer production and oil and gas among others.

Aliko Dangote


Aliko Dangote may be the holder of Nigeria’s second-highest honour but reports have it that he is a very humble and honest man. This has won him the love and respect of the people and many Nigerians have paid him tributes as he celebrates his birthday. His close friend, Femi Otedola was not left out as he took to his Instagram to also share a heartfelt message.

He wrote:

“Happy birthday to the greatest man that has come out of Africa. My brother, the Visionary, owner of the 2nd largest sugar refinery in the world, the largest cement factory in the world, one of the largest flour mills in the world, the 2nd largest fertiliser plant in the world that is due for completion, and the biggest oil refinery in the world. Aliko Dangote is a titan that God created specially for mankind. You have broken every boundary in worldwide business and industry. Thanks for the brotherly love … ??F.Ote?”

We join Femi Otedola and millions of people around the world to wish Aliko Dangote a happy birthday.

Photo credit: IG | Femiotedola, featured image: Moregist81

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