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African Men, Get In Here! These Hairstyles For Black Men Have Been Certified Fresh

African Men, Get In Here! These Hairstyles For Black Men Have Been Certified Fresh


Finding the best hairstyles for African men to try out can be challenging if you aren’t sure about the wide range of styles that are available. There are so many trendy options from buzz cut with waves to curls and flat tops with retro flair, there’s no reason why a Rave-worthy man like yourself shouldn’t look dapper. 

Whether trying to look your best in business meetings or a party, you must choose a hairstyle that you are comfortable with. Most of these styles are a combination of texture on top, a line up, and taper fade. Of course, once you decide on a cut, you should also inquire about how to care for it. Just remember that each head of hair differs and may require unique types of care to ensure that you look your best. To inspire you with ideas, check out these uber fresh haircuts for black men to get this year. African men hairstyles

Check out 6 hairstyles Black men should try out…

#1. Buzz cut + line up

With a buzz cut and line up, this simple yet cool short haircut is a popular one in barbershops. Usually paired with a taper fade on the sides, which is optional, the buzz cut and shape up look stylish. Adding waves to any buzz cut provides another trendy dimension which is highly welcome, although optional. All it takes is a wave brush and hair cream to create the much-requested sleek waves.

Photo: Instagram – @denolagrey

#2. Cornrows + taper fade

Cornrows are an extremely simple hairstyle that are always trendy. It looks well on just about anyone. Cornrows also allow one to easily grow hair into another look that may be longer, perhaps like an afro.

Photo: Instagram – @diamondplatnumz


Photo: Instagram – @ckay_yo

Be sure that the stylist you choose is conversant with cornrows cuts as it is easy to get this style messed up. Also, do note that this hairstyle requires attention in order to avoid drying up and breakage.

#3. High top fade

This is one of the trendiest haircuts for black men, particularly the younger generations. With little care required, this cut keeps hair very short close to the neck while the top is at a considerably short to long length. Great for men with afro textured hair, tapering usually starts at the ear and leads up a few inches according to your length requirements and texture.

Photo: Instagram – @ebuka

#4. Short twists with fade

Twists are one of the best and most popular hairstyles for men with Afro-textured hair. That’s because they not only look great but are also quick and straightforward to create. That is to say they take less time than most hairstyles.

Photo: Instagram – @burnaboygram
Photo: Instagram – @crayonthis

Twists are a low maintenance and keep your hair healthy. Not to mention their versatility as they look great in shorts (just like how Cray keeps his), medium (like Burna Boy) or long. It can also be paired with different fades. African men hairstyles

#5. Relaxed dreads with undercut

This is a casual look that incorporates shorter dreads and an undercut. If you are the kind who enjoys keeping your hair length between short and long, but you worry about combing and trimming regularly, then consider short dreads. This style needs very little daily work, however, frequent washes are vital to ensure that the hair doesn’t stink and also to maintain its overall appearance. An untidy hair suits no one.

Photo: Instagram – @iam_ycee

#6. Round ’em curls

Tired of tapered cuts? This retro dense volume all around with sides slightly tapered is the one for you. The temple, however, is slightly tapered to make the volume look under control and the line ups are carved. The top is grown medium and tamed with some hair wax to keep it all intact. African men hairstyles

Photo: Instagram – @neo_akpofure

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