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9 Rave-worthy Ways To Rock African Print

9 Rave-worthy Ways To Rock African Print


It is no news that over the last few decades, African print clothing has gone global. African prints have indeed had a profound influence on fashion lovers across the globe. It is now an acceptable trend in the fashion industry and even top fashion designers continue to incorporate these awesome prints into their designs.

When it comes to styling clothing made from the African print, there are no barriers. And when we refer to African print in this article, we’re actually just focused on the Ankara fabric, which is one of many different types of African prints. Hollywood celebrities seem to have been bitten by the African print bug as celebrities like Beyoncé have been seen wearing Ankara outfits. African fabric is so vibrant and beautiful, coming in a rich range of bold colours and patterns.

One thing that’s certain is that when you step out rocking an African print clothing, you are sure to stand out! Gone are the days when the Ankara fabric was used to make only a traditional dress, blouse and skirt or blouse and wrapper. Today, celebrities, designers and fashion influencers alike are churning out designs that will wow any fashion lover. From jumpsuits to off-shoulder gowns, dresses with thigh-high slits, statement two pieces and so much more, the only limitation to the styles that can be created with the Ankara fabric is your mind. 

If you’re looking to shop for an African print clothing and need inspiration or you’ve got some African prints that you are yet to send to your tailor, we have curated 9 rave-worthy ways to inspire your next design. 

Here are the rave-worthy ways you can rock your African print…

Monalisa Chinda
Didi Stone Olomide
Courtney Adeleye
Angel Obasi

Linda Osifo
Angel Obasi
Lola Akinuli- Adeniyi
Est Are
Didi Stone Olomide

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