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What Exactly Is Sleep Tourism And Why Do You Need To Consider It?

What Exactly Is Sleep Tourism And Why Do You Need To Consider It?



n a society where hustle culture is often exalted, it’s a relief that there are finally lifestyle changes like sleep tourism. Have you ever gone on a vacation to sleep and escape from the fast-paced adult life we’ve become accustomed to? If not, you should try it someday. It could be viewed as a waste of vacay but we need to be reminded of how much a good sleep routine plays a vital role in staying physically healthy and mentally stable.

Although the ultimate solution would be to avoid burnout at all costs and practice a healthy sleep routine daily, if there’s an offer to snuggle up in a cozy bed with customized pillows in a soundproof room, I’m in! The year is almost over, and treating yourself to a sleep-focused vacation might be exactly what your body, mind, and spirit need to feel rejuvenated.

What is sleep tourism?

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This is a fast-growing wellness/travel trend that focuses on travel ordeals that improve sleep quality. We can finally have a restorative vacation away from the stress. Apart from stating the obvious, which is its ability to heal an individual, it streamlines activities and could be potentially cheaper. On these journeys, you can reduce the number of tourist attractions and activities and interchange them with good old sleep and sleep-focused exercises. Sounds boring? If the goal is to activate your higher self and ignite your inner light again, it’s worth a try. It’d amaze you the remedies a good sleep could proffer.

How does sleep tourism work?

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More hotels are adapting to this wellness trend and now offer sleep-centric services — from pillow menus to bedtime tea, and therapeutic beds with a medication playlist, all in soundproof rooms to block external noise. Some hotels even have sleep clinics with experts that help monitor your sleep pattern and progress.

What are the benefits of sleep tourism?


• Good physical health
• Mood-boosting experiences
• It helps fix sleep deprivation
• Clarity of the mind
• It combats mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.
• Encourages a healthier lifestyle

Do I need a hotel to practice this trend?

While not everyone can afford to check into luxury hotels and sign up for sleep therapy, it shouldn’t deter a deliberate attempt to hit the brakes and go in for a good sleep. That’s where staycations come in.

If you are a parent of younger children, what are the odds of having a sound night’s rest with the kids lurking? Quite low. But if you can afford to get help with the kids, sign off from pending responsibility, and catch up on nature’s call, pay off your sleep debt. If this isn’t possible, make plans for sleep travel in the nearest future. Also, you can DIY your sleep tourism by booking an affordable hotel and downloading a meditation app.

Why do we have to practice sleep tourism?

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Rooted in this enjoyable experience is the toxic effect of the hustle culture. Most of us are driven to the wall by our demanding daily activities, and sleep tourism seems to be the knight in shining armor set to whisk us off our tired feet. While this is sad, it’s commendable to see that healthy sleep is a priority.

Note: Find a way to create a sustainable sleep lifestyle and a daily routine you don’t have to pay money to escape from.

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