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Mental Mondays: Stressed Out? Here Are 7 Surefire Ways To Clear Your Mind

Mental Mondays: Stressed Out? Here Are 7 Surefire Ways To Clear Your Mind



h, the favor we’d be doing to our mental health if we took the time to pause for a long, deep, and conscious breath. We all reach that muddled-up phase called mental fog, where our thoughts are no longer clear. The drive to achieve our goals becomes replaced with mental fatigue, and sometimes, irritability and outbursts. Thus, the importance of learning how to clear your mind between all the hassles.

If you’re always tired, unmotivated, and can’t seem to think clearly, it’s time to consciously find ways to clear your mind. A healthy mind equals a healthy output. My father always said: “you can’t give what you don’t have.” As I grew up and pondered on it, this saying ended up being nothing but the absolute truth. There’s a phase called “the doing stage” and it’s a near impossible feat to produce optimal results when your insides are out of whack. In other words, clear your mind and unclog your life. This allows better things to go in and out of your being respectively.

Why should I declutter my mind?

As emphasized earlier, clearing your mind helps facilitate productivity, but that’s not all.

• It is an effective stress reliever
• A clear mind improves the memory
• It’s a one-way ticket to heightened creativity and problem-solving
• It brings peace of mind and happiness
• A healthy mind also means a healthy body
• It encourages healthier relationships

Check out effective ways to clear your mind for a fulfilled life…

#1. Be mindful

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Being mindful is a state we all need to learn to develop. It makes you alert, attuned, and well-able to know where you are and even what you need. Here’s a little exercise that helps. How to: Take in that deep breath, and release it slowly. Allow your mind to wander and bounce off those thoughts like you’re floating in space. Feel your breath as it comes into your lungs. Feel your body expel that carbon dioxide. Feel everything, yet dwell on no thoughts! You should feel calmer, it depends on how clogged your mind is and how much practice you put into expelling the tension. It works.

#2. Create a to-do list

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It is true that the mind can hold a lot of information, but if you want an organized day, unpack your mind and load it up on a to-do list. It saves your mind the stress of “pop-up thoughts,” while keeping you settled. Every morning, create a to-do list for the day and free up space on your mind cloud.

#3. Give yourself a break


One of the ways to clear your mind is to break off from activities and give your mind a rest. A short nap in the midst of the storm works wonders for me. Once I refresh my mind, the tasks set out for the day become a walkover, but if I keep going without taking a break, I become clumsy and forgetful. At the end of the day, the tasks are undone, and I’m a hot mess. While yours might not be a nap, find what relieves your mind, like a quiet walk, or listening to music, and do it as though your life depended on it, because it does.

#4. Say NO unapologetically

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This isn’t to say you become rude and splatter the word at every slight opportunity, but we can’t always say yes either. Saying yes when your cup is already running over and then missing the deadline is a far worse way to live life. You miss a target, disappoint a person you committed to, and become stressed out. Sometimes saying no is a form of self-love, it leaves you with time for both your prioritized tasks and yourself.

#5. Try writing, it’s therapeutic

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When you give in to the thoughts and attempt to write them down expressively, it allows you to see the thoughts clearer. The key is to spend moderate time journaling. Once written down, you get to see your thoughts from different angles, and this self-examining process might help you think up various solutions to the issue. Try not to spend too much time writing things down repetitively, as it might be counterproductive.

#6. Do some cleaning

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It works. At least for me! When I tidy up my environment, it helps me think clearer. Studies have shown that a cluttered environment affects your mind in more ways than one. Apart from cleaning being a good distraction from what may be weighing you down, it also helps clear your mind. If you work from home, start by decluttering your work area to boost analytical activities.

#7. Talk about it

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Perhaps, talking about the issue or anything else might help relieve stress and distract you from the nagging thoughts. Chances are, you’d feel lighter and motivated to tackle the demanding thoughts in your mind after constructively talking about them. Avoid co-rumination, rather, aim to get a fresh perspective on the issue(s) at hand. This could also include talking to a therapist, who will help guide you through the thoughts and introduce you to helpful coping strategies.

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