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You’ll Be Drawn To The Classy And Chic Style Of MELISSA HOLDBROOK-AKPOSOE

You’ll Be Drawn To The Classy And Chic Style Of MELISSA HOLDBROOK-AKPOSOE


Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe is a london-based blogger, stylist and interior designer who is undoubtedly the definition of a stylish new-age woman. Melissa whose roots are from Ghana in West Africa started blogging since 2010 while she was in the university studying criminology. But blogging to Melissa isn’t all about sharing her cool styling prowess, it’s also about the experience of sharing things about herself while inspiring and empowering others. Melissa’s decision to start a blog stemmed from the need to provide people with a solution to their style issues using her own style choices as a guide.

If you asked Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe about her earlier style, she would describe it as “Wild” which isn’t far from the truth as it was more about colour blocking and bold hues. Today, however, the 25-year old’s journey into the fashion world has transformed and taken on a more elegant, classy and chic turn.


According to Melissa, Solely focusing on styling and blogging wasn’t an easy decision but it was one she needed to take. These days, her style revolves around power dressing or a classic look with a modern twist. A lover of solid colours and monochromatic looks, her dressing has a lot to do with what mood she is in at that particular moment and also the need to be dressed according to where she is headed. Understanding this new age woman is to fall in love with her style. We can all agree that the world needs more people like Melissa to help us curate our own stylish, chic and classic wardrobe.

Here are more of her incredible style picks…

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