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10 SA Fashion Influencers Who Delivered Unmatched Fashion Intelligence In 2018

10 SA Fashion Influencers Who Delivered Unmatched Fashion Intelligence In 2018

If you say this year was an unquestionably stylish year, you would be absolutely correct. While we couldn’t have predicted this turn out for 2018, we can confidently predict that fashion in 2019 will be even fiercer – no pressure.

But before we totally end the 2018 chapter, we turn our lenses over to South Africa where the ladies embraced the fashion dazzle with wide open arms. From celebrities to fashion influencers, we were simply thrilled watching these South African women experiment with fashion, delivering looks that were not only stylish but aesthetically entertaining.

These 10 South African influencers were consistent in showcasing their unmatched fashion intelligence throughout the year, leaving other fashion lovers around the continent and beyond in a daze as to how they do it.

Meet the 10 most stylish South African fashion influencers of 2018…

Kefilwe Mabote

Getting to know Kefilwe Mabote is understanding her expensive taste in wardrobe and her preference for taking calculated fashion risks. With over half a million followers on Instagram, it’s easy to agree that Kefilwe’s fashion prowess is undeniable.

Mihlali Ndamase

Social media influencer, YouTuber vlogger and certified makeup artist Mihlali Ndamase has over 500 thousand followers on Instagram and we know why. Her style range is pretty intriguing and successfully balanced.

Vanessa Matsena

Vanessa Matsena is a fashion influencer and socialite with over 200 thousand followers on the gram. The AAA school of advertising alum’s simple and distinct style is what makes all the difference.

Sarah Langa Mackay

Although Sarah Langa Mackay won three awards this year, according to the fashion and lifestyle blogger with almost 200k followers, 2018 wasn’t void of its ups and down. There is no doubt in our minds that her style and passion for fashion was an up!

Linda Oyena

Linda Oyena is a certified blogger (as in, Instragram certified) who isn’t interested in the trendiest of fashion, rather she believes in her present mood being in symphony with her fashion choices. That may be just why her almost 600K followers stay glued to her.


Over 200k followers is no small number but Lendisi is definitely worthy of this large following. The stylist, personal shopper and mother of three has a style that is easily relatable yet uniquely hers.

Melody Molale

Melody Molale is the face of Pond’s Flawless Radiance. The lifestyle, fashion and beauty influencer is a confident and stylish trendsetter with over 100 thousand followers on Instagram and a quick look at her well curated page will convince you to follow.

Siyanda Bani

Fashion lover Siyanda Bani (Siya Bunny) is one influencer who always stays classy. With a little over 100k followers, her incredible style takes are ever so gorgeous.

Sazi Hills

One word for Sazi Hills: fierce! The fashion and lifestyle blogger once described her style as being on the edge between classy and rocker-chic and we agree!

Anele Ney Zondo

Anele Ney Zondo is an actress, model and all round entertainer with over 100 thousand followers. Anele’s fun, sultry and edgy style kept her on the lips of everyone this year.

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