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Last Week’s Most Stylish Stars Opted For Tried And True Silhouettes, With A Twist

Last Week’s Most Stylish Stars Opted For Tried And True Silhouettes, With A Twist


Not all the best looks are on the streets or runway during fashion week. Sometimes, fashionable men turn up in some of their best looks unexpectedly. Last week, the world’s most stylish Black men made the most of their appearances wearing designer and bespoke looks while still looking wholly themselves.

The looks

Accessories were key to keeping things personal in a sea of head-to-toe designer fare last week. On the streets of London, Nigerian actor and television host Denola Adepetun upped the wow factor in a two-piece grey suit with layers of needed detailing and accessorizing by Nigerian bespoke brand Rhobes Clothing Company. He stuck to the contemporary English man theme as he wore the suit over a white tie-neck shirt, and stuck the landing with a purple Kimono Collection shiny trench coat. Denola amped up the look by sporting a black beret and a pair of black leather platform boots. 

Far from London over in the US, the looks were playfully fit with flare. For his pre-game look last week, Houston Texans Quarterback, Tyrod Taylor’s alluring and minimalist Louis Vuitton option represented the designer at his subtle best. He made his way to his destination wearing a navy blue Louis Vuitton jacket over a white t-shirt which he complemented with a pair of Louis Vuitton wide-leg denim pants and, of course, an LV leather bag to match his fit. For shoes, the athlete went with a pair of white and blue Nike Air Jordans.

Last week, the world’s most stylish Black men were kept on their toes with events ranging from fashion week in Paris to sports events in the US. They were able to reach tried-and-true silhouettes and classic suiting while being fashionable across the globe.

Check out last week’s best-dressed Black male celebrities…


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