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Memories Forever? Why You Still Need A Custom Wedding Album In A Digital World

Memories Forever? Why You Still Need A Custom Wedding Album In A Digital World

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Every bride wants a memorable wedding, one she can look back on and still experience those emotions. From her wedding dress to her shoes, the decorations, food, guests, bridesmaids, and even her groom, everything has to be perfect. But what’s the point of having a perfect wedding if you fail to properly capture your day in photographs? Clearly, photography is important and even more important is having a custom wedding album to perfectly document your favorite photos and memories from the big day.

Okay, before you throw the argument that the digital age calls for digital tools and photo albums are obsolete, hear me out. I am in no way suggesting that you abandon the tools technology has made available in the name of an old-fashion stuff. Certainly not! I am merely shedding light on the fact that a wedding photo album is still important in today’s space more than you may realize. For the unconvinced, allow me to make my case. 

Do you really need a wedding photo album?

In the not-too-distant past, a wedding album was a necessity. You used to have to print out all of your photos and place them in plastic sleeves. Without your wedding album, the only way you could preserve your photos was through negatives, which were very sensitive to light and heat. 

But in today’s modern world of digital photography and social media, do you still need a wedding photo album? Wouldn’t it be better to just save your wedding photos on a hard drive or in the cloud instead? Sure, you could store your photos “out of sight and out of mind,” but that’s no fun. Accompanying soft storage with old-school hard storage ensures that you get the best of both options. There’s no denying the surge of emotions that steams from flipping through the pages of a wedding photo album. Go ask your parents. 

Don’t let the rush of the big day become a blur of fuzzy memories, seriously consider the option to invest in a custom wedding album.

Check out 3 solid reasons why you need to invest in a custom wedding photo album…

#1. Wedding albums keep your memories safe

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Photo: Mockaroon/Unsplash

We like to think that technology is much superior to physical media, and it is in many ways. However, digital media still has its shortcomings. For instance, while your hard drive is handy and can accompany you everywhere and your social media page is accessible by the mere tap of a button, what happens if you don’t have internet access? What if your phone dies and you can’t charge it? Or worse still, what if the photos you have on file are wiped from your computer, your social media page is taken down, or your backups are erased or missing?

With physical media, you don’t have to worry about your memories suddenly going “poof” one day. If you take good care of your wedding album, you can enjoy your photos forever.

#2. Custom wedding albums are technology-proof

Photo: Michael Dziedzic/Unsplash

At the end of that last sentence, you may have questioned whether physical albums do last forever. While wedding albums could be lost due to a fire, flood, break-in, or termite infestation, just about anything can. Your backups are also vulnerable to weather, theft, and ‘bugs.’ In fact, your hard drives are more likely to be stolen by thieves and are often more vulnerable to weather conditions. You can still read a water-soaked album, and really, who would steal a photo album?

If you think a backup is enough, ask yourself how relevant that tech will be in the next 25 years. Think about it: 25 years ago, we used floppy disks. We aren’t using them now, nor are we using CDs or thumb drives to store memories. Most computers today don’t even have provisions for a CD or thumb drive without the use of adapters. And the cloud? Will those servers still be active in 25 years? It’s impossible to know where technology will move next, so it really isn’t a bad idea to have the good ol’ physical media handy. After all, no one ever complained of two good storages. 

#3.Wedding albums are physical heirlooms

Photo: freestocks/Unsplash

Whether you plan on throwing a big wedding or not, your photos deserve more than just sitting on a hard drive. Your wedding was probably a significant upfront investment––emotionally and financially––and it will likely be one of few times in your life where all your family and friends are present celebrating together.

It’s a bit of a disservice to go through all that planning, spend all that money, and then throw your images in the back of a hard drive where you’ll likely never look at them again. If you display your physical album, like on your coffee table or on the shelf, you’ll always be able to flip through the pages of your wedding storybook. Plus, it’ll be a great conversation starter.

Best of all, you can turn your wedding album into a family heirloom. Your children and grandchildren will enjoy experiencing your big day as if they were there. You can even start a photo album tradition with your family, where you keep adding photos to a separate album. Surely, that would be one creative, sentimental tradition. 

A final thought

When you design a physical photo album, either through a website or with software, you’re creating a beautiful book. But a custom wedding photo album is more than just a “product that’s better than digital media;” it’s an heirloom you’ll enjoy for years to come. And with this, I rest my case. 

Featured image: Rodnae Productions | Pexels

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