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It’s The Season For Colourful Wedding Bouquets: We’ve Got Tips + Ideas

It’s The Season For Colourful Wedding Bouquets: We’ve Got Tips + Ideas


Hello SR brides-to-be! By now, I bet you know that the bridal bouquet plays a very important role in a wedding especially because of how close it is to the main attraction of the day: the bride’s dress. With it officially being summer in the United States and peak rainy season in most of Nigeria, it is the season for bright and beautiful wedding bouquets!

When it comes to planning the entire wedding, a bouquet compared to other things like your dress, hair and makeup might not seem like a priority, but the flower bunch is a standout component and that’s why we suggest you go for eye-catching, colourful wedding bouquets to brighten your big day.

Whether you are going with a white, ivory or coloured wedding dress, you cannot go wrong with a colour-rich floral arrangement. Your bridal bouquet is a key bridal accessory and as such needs to be selected with great effort.

colourful wedding bouquet ideas
Atilary studio

If you’ve been dreaming of a colourful arrangement bursting with a variety of lovely flowers, you can now wake up as we’ve got select inspiration and tips for you.

But before you go about choosing your wedding bouquet, there are a few things to note…

1. You have to get the mix of colours and flowers right. The colours should complement your dress and wedding colours while the flowers should come together to give an aesthetically pleasing blend. A professional florist is the best to help you put your dream bouquet together.

2. Do your research. Except you are RICH RICH and want your flowers flown in, you have to make sure that you know what season your preferred flowers bloom and choose accordingly.

3. Big, voluminous gown? Then a smaller sized arrangement would work best. What we are pointing out is the need to consider your size and the type of dress you would be wearing as you want a wedding bouquet that would complement everything about you.

4. Fresh flowers are not cheap especially in Africa, so again, do your research and make sure that your dream arrangement meets a realistic budget. Consider silk or faux flowers if you want something much more affordable.

Here are a few colourful wedding bouquet inspirations for you…

colourful wedding bouquet ideas
George Okoro Wedding

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