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Why Many Relationships Fail During The Pandemic

Why Many Relationships Fail During The Pandemic


Flames to dust, lovers to friends, sometimes the person with whom you were so intertwined can become a stranger and the initial butterflies morph into churning pain in your stomach. Studies have found that these past months, the pandemic and lockdowns were the top reasons why many relationships failed. 

The brewing lava erupting from your relationship’s crust isn’t peculiar to you as domestic pressure remains on the rise. While many relationships have failed during this pandemic, with this information in your arsenal, you could avoid a breakup even as we gradually come out of the lockdown. 

Here are some top reasons why many relationships fail…

#1. More fights

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It’s a tie between familiarity and intolerance at this point. Let’s be honest, if your partner keeps messing up, you’ll need a lot more tolerance to handle the situation. Embracing this new in-your-face routine might also pose a relationship threat, especially if previous separate routines had masked problems. It’s only a natural human behavior to become familiar with anything always in our faces.

#2. Zero privacy

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Nothing is as refreshing as having a place to cool off and enjoy each other’s company and individuality. Many relationships have failed during the pandemic because couples neglect the need for privacy which eventually leads to an unhealthy rift between them. Make a conscious attempt to agree with your partner and draw up healthy terms of privacy while remembering that privacy is different from secrecy.

#3. Giving up your social life

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Becoming “too serious” has been strongly linked to the COVID-19 break-up boom. Social life has hands down been one of the most underestimated aspects of a couple’s life, although a form of well-needed release, and without it tension is bound to build. Make a conscious effort to do things that help you unwind, albeit healthy options.

#4. You’re getting comfortable without him/her

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It seems like time apart is a lot more interesting, and you’re maybe starting to think about your ex a lot more. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the past isn’t necessarily a better option. That’s why you left it behind in the first place. Don’t feed the tempting comparison that goes on in your head. Unmet expectations are some reasons why relationships are failing during this pandemic and it’s in your best interest to cut your partner some slack.

#5. Financial struggles

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Cash might not rule everything around you, but best believe it does control quite an ample number of things. The entire world saw a decline in the economy and although everyone was affected, others bear the brunt more. Should you be struggling with funds, having an honest conversation with your partner about the general state of your finances and making well-meaning adjustments would go a long way.

#6. Stress

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At first, it’s all peaches and roses until the novelty of spending quality time together starts to wear off, leaving behind a boulevard of monotonous routines. The last stroke that breaks a camel’s back might be your partner sitting on the couch all day while you do most of the chores or have to deal with the kids’ homeschooling while working from home.

Many relationships have failed during the pandemic, but with commitment, patience, and wisdom, you may just have the tools needed to turn the wheel on an already anticipated crash.

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