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5 Glaring Signs You Need To Lose Weight

5 Glaring Signs You Need To Lose Weight



t isn’t always clear when it becomes necessary to drop a few pounds. While it can certainly seem like it would be obvious when you reach a potentially unhealthy weight, it’s something that can happen gradually, as well as something you may not want to admit to or acknowledge. If this sounds familiar though, rest assured you’re not alone. A lot of people struggle with the realization and have trouble truly coming to terms with it.

All this really means, in the end, is that it’s important to learn and recognize some of the tell-tale signs. And the following are among the clearest indications that it’s time to lose some weight.

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#1. You get tired easily

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If you are doing normal physical activities, like walking or going upstairs, and you notice that you get tired easily, it could be a sign that it’s time to lose some weight. According to the National Institute Of Health, excess weight can make it harder for people to breathe, and that lack of breath can in turn lead to feelings of fatigue during relatively simple exertion. Everyday activities require the heart and lungs to operate efficiently to circulate oxygen, but extra weight requires a person to use more energy. Since more energy is needed to carry the added weight, the heart must work extra hard to pump, which can make a person feel tired and winded.

#2. Your clothes are too tight

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You might be realizing that your favorite clothes –– be they jeans, shirts, jackets, or whatever else –– just don’t fit the way they used to. If it’s just one item, it may be that your dryer made it shrink. But more than likely, this is a sign that you’ve put on a little weight, slowly but surely. The good news is that this issue provides some pretty clear incentive to get the problem under control. You’ll likely want to get to a point at which you can comfortably wear those clothes again.

#3. Your BMI is higher than average

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When we talk about health and fitness, we often boil things down to the simple factor of weight. If you’re looking to assess whether or not you’ve gotten too heavy though, your body mass index may be a better indicator. Indeed, according to SymptomFind, it is BMI rather than raw weight that determines whether or not a person is “overweight” –– with a BMI over 30 being considered “obese.” To find your BMI, simply divide your weight by the square of your height. A high BMI means it’s time to lose some weight and improve your fitness routine.

#4. People let you know

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Since we see ourselves every day in the mirror, we can’t always tell if we’ve put on a few pounds or not. The change is gradual, and hard to discern on a day-to-day basis. But other people who may not see you every day can notice if you’ve gained weight –– and sometimes they aren’t too shy to tell you. So, if people start telling you that “you’ve put on a few pounds,” or “you’ve gained some weight,” chances are they’re being honest. The comments might sting a little bit, but they’re nevertheless an indication that you may want to consider making changes to improve your health.

#5. Your doctor discusses warning signs

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Per The Conversation, high levels of body fat lead to a greater risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. People with excess body fat are also more likely to have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, as compared to the normal population. So, if your doctor happens to mention that you have any of these warning signs –– high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, or indications of pre-diabetes, for instance –– it means it’s time to shed a few pounds. The good news is that doing so will often bring some of your numbers back into a normal range.

It is easy for people to gain weight and not immediately notice; it happens all the time. But if you look out for signs like the ones outlined above, you may well recognize weight gain before it becomes a bigger issue. We certainly hope these ideas will help you, and if you happened to read them and realize that perhaps you’ve put on a few pounds, we encourage you to read on for our “10 Proven Ways To Lose Weight Without Spending A Dime.”

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