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5 Chic Ways To Style T-shirt And Jeans During these Laidback Times

5 Chic Ways To Style T-shirt And Jeans During these Laidback Times


What’s a regular daytime outfit without a t-shirt and a pair of jeans? The possibilities of this combo are endless. It’s like the foundation on which you build the look you desire. Thanks to celebrities, t-shirt and jeans will forever be at the forefront of street style, the only thing required is to stay creative and ensure you don’t look like the nerd from high school.

Throw on sunshades, a statement bag, a hat or blazers, and recreate the bad and boujee look. It’s so effortless, like what the average rich girl or any posh babe for that matter, would wear on a casual weekend. Don’t you just love fashion? Anything goes if you know your onions.

See 5 chic ways you can style your t-shirt and jeans…

#1. Tuck your t-shirt into your jeans

Mimi Onalaja

You could go from looking like you’re in a public service announcement ad to “who’s that hottie” just by tucking in your T-shirt. You could rock this with sneakers or choose to divasify with heels.

#2. Throw on a statement blazer

Blazer Trend 2019
Toke Makinwa

This cannot be overemphasized. Girl! A statement blazer is a wardrobe essential and a game-changer. As minimal as the effort could seem, the end result is usually classy. This is the one time you could rock a t-shirt and jeans to the office. The blazer makes the look corporate enough to confuse your nosy HR lady.

#3. Accessorize

Ini Dima-Okojie

Never underestimate the power of accessories. Something as simple as sunshades, a handbag or hat could turn the regular t-shirt and jeans into a badass put together, worthy of gracing your Instagram page. Just ask the Kardashians.

#4. Kimono it!

Folake Huntoon

For that evening stroll, the school run or not-so-serious event, throw on a casual kimono or camel cardigan. A kimono plus t-shirt and distressed jeans––girl, you can’t go wrong. Picture it with a fabulous handbag, aha! We thought so too, fantabulous!

#5. White shirt and jeans X leather jacket

Photo: nifeakingbe / Instagram

It’s not just that a leather jacket can give the rock-star-biker-look but it’s like a blank slate to create whatever you like. If you don’t want the jacket to take center stage, tone it down with a patterned shoe and accessories.

However you choose to style your shirt and jeans, make sure you put into consideration what works best for your body type and personality.

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